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Monday, July 14, 2014


Term: 4 years.

Salary: $74,628.

Employed and paid by the county.

Norman Dalton

What differences will the prisoners in the jail notice, if you are elected Sheriff?

Since being elected Sheriff in 2010, I have put in place commissary for the prisoners for their benefit in choosing their personal hygiene, snacks, etc.

I have allowed more prisoners the opportunity to do volunteer work with non-profit entities, thus allowing the prisoners to earn time day for day or extra credit to reduce time spent in jail and in order to provide the prisoners with work experience.

I have allowed church services to continue for the prisoners having several denominations participating.

The female inmates currently have the privilege of attending GED classes and I am currently seeking a male to teach the male prisoners.

It is our goal to return inmates to society in better condition physically and emotionally than when they were committed to our custody. However, the decision of rehabilitation is a personal decision that can only be made by each individual inmate.

What are the top two things you would change in the Sheriff's Department?

1. As I have done for the past 3 years, I will work with the County Commissioners to provide the employees with better insurance benefits and with raises for all employees.

2. I am currently in the process of implementing a Community Relations liaison to better communication between the Citizens and Law Enforcement.

What new technologies would you implement in the Sheriff's Department?

1. The 911 Board is currently trying to consolidate the 911 dispatchers. I am in strong support of this program since it will be a benefit to the Citizens of Marshall County and increase response time.

2. I would like to see improved technology (computers, etc.) installed in the crime scene unit. The amount determined would be need vs. cost.

Billy Lamb

What differences will the prisoners in the jail notice if you are elected sheriff?

The Marshall County Correctional Facility is the first step in the handling of the arrested offender and in it he/she receives their first impression of the correctional process. His/her experience in our county jail facility will be a potent force in molding his/her attitude toward law enforcement officials, the correctional system, and the community itself.

I am strictly opposed to inmates being allowed to sit around the jail doing nothing while this county provides for their physical and medical needs. By the same token, I realize that education and work incentive programs can be used both to avoid inactivity by the inmate and to encourage the inmate to better him/herself. We must vigorously offer rehabilitation programs to those many inmates whose drug and alcohol problems are a principal reason for their incarceration, to encourage them to become a productive citizen of the community in the future.

I believe that educational training programs such as a GED preparation course, drug and alcohol counseling programs, and religious support are necessary to give an individual a fighting chance at becoming a productive citizen instead of returning back into the system. When elected as your sheriff, I will be asking religious organizations, community groups, the court system, and citizens to assist and support implementation of programs to break the cycle of crime, for those inmates who request to participate.

What are the top two things you would change in the sheriff's department?

There are several things that quickly come to mind that will allow the department to perform more effectively. When elected I will schedule law enforcement personell to work shifts that will allow for maximum coverage of all areas of the county and provide quick response to citizens complaints and safety of the officers.

The safety of the students and staff of the Marshall County school system is of utmost concern to me. If elected sheriff, I will work with the administrators at the county and school level to accomplish the goal of keeping the school system safe and drug-free. The school resource officers are an important component in maintaining a safe school environment; however, the current sheriff's policy requires the school resource officers to take any accured overtime hours off during regular school hours if the time was earned during school activities--a procedure that leaves the schools unprotected while students and staff are present. It is my position that school resource officers must be present at all times during regular school hours.

If I am elected, I will develop and implement a policy that allows the school resource officers to accumulate compensation time (overtime) to be taken during the holidays or summer months when school is not in session, a policy and procedure that is allowable under federal labor laws. This policy will, in effect, allow the school resource officers to remain at their assigned school while students and staff are present to provide a safe atmosphere and better protection for our most precious commodity -- our children.

What new technologies would you implement in the sheriff's department?

I do not believe in spending money just for the sake of spending money on new technology. If there is a need for something to be added or changed, I will come before the Marshall County Law Enforcement Committee and make them aware of the need with a request for funding. If the Marshall County Commission agrees with the need and makes funds available, I will implement the new equipment or technology.