TDOT officials visit Marshall County project

Friday, July 18, 2014

By Karen Hall


Tennessee Department of Transportation Commissioner John Schroer continued his statewide 2014 TDOT Projects Tour this week with a visit to Marshall County on Tuesday. During a three-day tour, Schroer, elected officials, and transportation stakeholders traveled by bus to view a select number of TDOT projects.

The bus's destination here was Veterans Drive in the I-65 Commerce Park, which has been completely re-paved and extended 1,500 feet to serve Imperial Foods and Meiwa at the back of the park. It fell under the State Industrial Access program.

Mayors Joe Boyd Liggett and Jim Bingham were there to greet Schroer and others, taking time out from talking with an industrial prospect who was visiting the area.

"Thank you all for doing this project," said Liggett. "This was huge for us!"

"I've never worked with a more cooperative group," added Bingham. "They got the job done at the right time."

"It's a perfect example of what we can do to create opportunities for small communities," said Schroer. "We're pretty good at building straight, flat roads," he joked.

Region III Director David Layhew noted how quickly the project got finished. It was let out to bid on Aug. 30, 2013, the $375,000 contract was awarded to Lincoln Paving, and the road was finished in April.

Lori Lange, Region III director of project development, said it was also remarkable how quickly the project was designed: the department started work on April 9 and turned in the plan on June 19.

"That's very fast delivery," Lange said. "It was all hands on deck!"

"It's instant gratification," said Schroer. "We love getting finished this quick. The SIA is seeing a lot of activity now that we're coming out of recession. We're happy to be a part of it."