Early voting starts strong here

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

By Karen Hall


In spite of steady rain, politicians and their supporters lined the sidewalk in front of the Election Office as early voting started Friday.

Over 500 voted that day, and nearly 200 more on Saturday morning.

Administrator of Elections Tristan Arnold estimates there are 14,140 active registered voters in the county, and more than 4,000 "inactive" ones.

Candidates are appearing at every public gathering they can manage to get to, placing ads in the Tribune and on the radio stations, and putting up signs and billboards. They are also using direct mail marketing, with glossy, giant campaign postcards turning up in Marshall County mailboxes nearly every day. Social media is also coming into play, with Facebook pages being used for or against specific candidates.

Except for the legislative races for state and national offices, it will all be over after Thursday, Aug. 7, with nothing left to do but pick up the campaign signs and pay the bills. Candidates will either become the newly elected or re-elected office holder, or they will fade back into obscurity for the next four years.

Your vote is important! The straw poll recently conducted at Five Points Volunteer Fire Department showed several races too close to call, and elections can be -- and are -- won by a single vote. So get out and vote, the earlier the better if your mind is already made up. Copies of the Tribune's Voters Guide are still available free at our office on the square if you need more information.