Library director retiring next month

Friday, August 1, 2014

By Darlene Young

Special to the Tribune

Jan Allen, the director of Marshall County Memorial Library, will be retiring in September after 15 years of service.

Under her direction, the Library has experienced significant growth and development. With customer service being her priority, the library has seen a noteworthy increase in its usage. Library staff received training and development to better serve the community. Over 15 public-access computers were added to the original four that were at the library when Allen took the position, and free public Wi-Fi was put into place to address the technological needs of Marshall County residents.

Jan was a driving force in kick-starting the Chapel Hill Library Branch, and ensuring its potential to grow.

Under her leadership, the library saw the development of the Marshall County Memorial Library Foundation, and she played a vital role in securing investments to the Foundation, thereby helping to ensure a financial future for the Library. In 2008 she received the TLA/SIRS Freedom of Information Award for Active Promotion of Intellectual Freedom in Tennessee.

An Open House Reception will be held in her honor from noon to 2 p.m. Monday, Sept. 15.