Concession stand broken into again at ballpark

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

By Karen Hall


For the third time this year, the concession stand at the Richard Cashion Little League Complex was broken into. It happened Sunday night, said Craig Blackwell, president of Marshall County Youth Baseball and Softball League.

He said the thieves pried one door open and tried to kick the other in, resulting in severe damage to both doors. Once inside the building, they took food, candy and drinks.

"They threw stuff around, and messed it up pretty good," Blackwell said.

Not only has MCYBSL lost the contents of the concession stand, which they could have sold at a profit to raise money for the league, they will also have to use money already raised to repair the damage. That money was intended for programs to help all the boys and girls in MCYBSL.

"I'm pretty hot about it," Blackwell exclaimed. "It makes you ill."

He estimated the cost of repairing the structure and replacing the goods at nearly $2,000.

"That's a lot of money to take away from the kids," said Blackwell. "It's just frustrating: you try to build something up and in one night it gets knocked down."

The first time the concession stand was broken into this year, Blackwell said police did catch the people who did it.

This time there are two large footprints on one of the doors, which may provide a clue.

Blackwell says if the perpetrators are caught, MCYBSL intends to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

Tuesday morning, Blackwell said he was still waiting for a visit by Lewisburg Police Department detectives, but temporary repairs have been made to the doors so the building is secure.

People with information relating to this case, or any other criminal activity, are asked to call the Lewisburg Police Department at (931) 359-4044 or Crime Stoppers at (931) 359-4867. Remember, calls to Crime Stoppers are anonymous, and may lead to a reward.