Crime reports

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Thefts and vandalism reported

* A Lewisburg woman reported to police someone used an identification card with her name on it at an AT&T store in Russellville, Ala. to add four lines to her account and purchase electronics, including an iPad. Total added to her bill was $4,000. The victim told Officer Brad Martin she contacted the AT&T Fraud Enforcement Department and they told her two people were arrested in Florence, Ala. in connection with identity theft at a T-Mobile store and they believed the pair was also responsible for stealing her identity. AT&T promised the victim they would not hold her responsible for the additional charges on her account.

* When a woman arrived home from work at 1:20 p.m. July 30, she found someone had gotten into her house on Miller Road and taken a 52-inch television, a Playstation 3, a 19-inch laptop, miscellaneous jewelry, and five Wii games, worth a total of $2,300. All the drawers and cabinets were open, but nothing else appeared to be missing. The victim reported her front door is easy to open without damaging it, even when it is locked.

* Between 6:40 a.m. and 3:40 p.m. a home on Limestone Avenue was broken into and a custom-made 12 gauge shotgun, two .22 LR semi-automatic rifles, $200 in change, $200 in cash, and a new glass pipe were stolen. A large knife and a bolt cutter were also taken out of the house, but were left lying in the yard. Total value of the missing guns and pipe was estimated at $320.

* A Chapel Hill man reported to Marshall County Sheriff's Department he parked his truck at Milltown Dam on July 28, and was gone for three or four hours while he floated down the Duck River. When he got back, he found the locked truck and its locked glovebox had been broken into and his iPhone and wallet had been taken, along with a set of stereo speakers. The dashboard of the truck was removed, but the stereo was not taken. Total value of the missing items was estimated at $638.

* On Aug. 2, a Lewisburg man reported to the Marshall County Sheriff's Department that his stainless steel .45 caliber Beretta P90, worth $400, was missing, He went to check on the gun's whereabouts when he heard someone was bragging about stealing the gun. The victim said he thought he saw his gun on a Nashville TV station's report about a young man being arrested for burglary in Spring Hill. The same young man was at his house a month ago with other friends, and could have taken the gun then.

* Between 5 p.m. July 30 and 8 a.m. July 31, a window was broken at Dr. Phelps' office on West Church Street. The window will cost an estimated $300 to repair.

* On July 30, someone shot at the window of a home on 7th Avenue North with a BB gun, causing cracks in the glass and a hole in the screen. The window will cost an estimated $200 to replace. The front door of the same house was hit with a BB the night before, reported Lewisburg Police Officer Brad Martin.

* A Chapel Hill man reported to Marshall County Sheriff's Department he thinks someone has been trespassing on his property at night for the last seven to 10 days. The victim said he found cigarette butts and beer bottle tops on his property, and saw scratches on the front door as if someone had been trying to pick the lock.

Arrested on warrants for aggravated assault, domestic assault and vandalism

* Sabrina E. Rhodes, 19, Chapel Hill. Bond: $12,000; court date: Aug. 5. Rhodes allegedly threatened to kill her victim and used a baseball bat to do over $2,000 worth of damage to the home where she got into an altercation.

Arrested on a warrant for aggravated domestic assault

* Krecia L. Robinson, 30, Chapel Hill. Bond and court date not stated.

Arrested on a warrant for domestic assault

* Michael A. Newsom, 45, Craig Moore Road. Bond: $5,000; court date: Aug. 5.

Arrested on a warrant for simple assault

* Samantha M. Brinegar, 21, Columbia. Bond not stated; court date: Aug. 5.

Arrested and charged with promotion of methamphetamine manufacture

* Preston N. Tucker, 23, Belfast. Bond: $3,000; court date: Aug. 26.

* Stefanie J. Vaughn, 38, Nashville. Bond: $6,500; court date: Aug. 26. Also charged with vandalism.

Turned herself in on a warrant for filing a false report

* Kimberly L. Keith, 21, Franklin Road. Bond: $6,000; court date: Sept. 9.

Served with a probation-violation warrant at Marshall County Jail

* Dean G. Hayes, 27, Buena Vista Drive. Held without bond for court on Aug. 8.

Arrested on a probation-violation warrant

* Laura M. Aviles, 34, West Church Street. Bond: $500; court date: Aug. 11.

Turned themselves in on probation-violation warrants

* Tracy Jo Urquhart, 40, 1st Avenue North. Bond: $500; court date: Aug. 19.

* Shawn R. Urquhart, 36, 1st Avenue North. Bond: $500; court date: Aug. 19.

Served with a criminal summons for probation violation

* Gilbert A. Newell Jr., 42, Shelbyville. Court date: Sept. 30.

Arrested on a failure-to-appear warrant

* Justin O. Mitchell, 35, Watertown, Tenn. Bond: $500; court date: Aug. 26.

* Traci L. Beavers, 39, Reese Road. Bond not stated; court date: July 28.

Turned himself in on a failure-to-appear warrant

* Michael J. Mullins, 33, 1st Avenue North. Bond: $5,000; court date not stated.

Arrested on warrants for failure to appear and probation violation

* Jason W. Wright, 30, Jones Circle. Bond: $1,500; court date: July 29.

Arrested on two attachments from Juvenile Court

* Joshua Sharp, 27, Columbia. Bond: $1,000; court date: Aug. 19.

Served with a criminal summons for contempt of court

* Dave Patel, 24, North Ellington Parkway. Court date: Aug. 18.

Cited for simple possession of marijuana

* Nicole F. Volpe, 19. Court date: Sept. 15. Also cited for possession of drug paraphernalia and tag light out.

Served with a criminal summons for stalking

* Chandler R. Anderson, 36. Court date: Aug. 25.

Served with a criminal summons for passing a worthless check

* Malia D. Caldwell, 29, Chapel Hill. Court date: Aug. 26.

Cited for shoplifting from Walmart and banned from Walmart property for one calendar year

* Tracye L. Adams, 38, Snell Road. Court date: Sept. 15.

* Kayla D. Mencer, 23, South Ellington Parkway. Court date: Sept. 15.