Construction to pavilion at Berlin Springs comes to an end

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

By Ivory Riner

Staff Writer

The historic community of Berlin Springs now has a pavilion for weddings, political events, and even community gatherings. In October 2010, Marshall County was approved a $110,000 grant to build the pavilion. The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Recreation Educational Services teamed with the city of Lewisburg to help fund half the construction. Lewisburg's half was through donated labor and materials.

"We felt as a community, it would enhance and draw more attention to the historic Berlin Spring area," replied Mayor Joe Boyd Liggett when asked why he felt the need to build the pavilion

As many know, starting from scratch to build something that will be a landmark for years to come takes time and lots of labor. Ramon Summers was lead of the construction, and Jerry Beech with Allied Construction supplied the concrete for the base. The electrical services were provided by Mark King, and the Berlin Volunteer Fire Department donated electrical necessities. Jerry Williams of the Marshall County Highway Department donated rocks, and Tony White provided a Bobcat for the construction. Letters on the front of the building were provided by Bob Martin.

Mayor Liggett recieved the grant in March, and construction began on May 27.

Although the building looks complete, the electrical work is still under way, and the ceiling is being closed up to prevent birds from getting in.

"There will be a grand opening for the community to come and check it out, but we still haven't planned when that will be," said Liggett.

The new pavilion will feature picnic tables and will be open to the public to enjoy and read the historical plaque about Berlin Springs.