Two fires in Industrial Park keep firefighters busy Tuesday

Friday, August 29, 2014
Response was swift and comprehensive Tuesday afternoon when a fire broke out at Trison Coatings in the Industrial Park. Pictured are the vehicles of just some of the departments which were at the scene.

By Karen Hall


Lewisburg firefighters made two trips to the Industrial Park Tuesday, with good outcomes both times: no one was injured, and property damage was minimized.

The first call, to Trison Coatings at 801 Garrett Parkway, came at 1:07 p.m. Lewisburg Fire Department personnel were on the scene four minutes later, said Fire Chief Larry Williams.

The fire was confined to one of Trison's dryer units. The company's business is putting rubber coatings on parts, Williams explained. The parts are dipped in a rubber solution, and then put through the dryer.

"It (the rubber) builds up on the machine and catches fire," Williams said. It produces the dense black smoke of rubber burning.

"We got it knocked down pretty quick," he said. Then they started ventilation procedures and cleared out the debris. The CSX railroad spur behind the building was temporarily shut down.

One person was unaccounted for when the Fire Department arrived, so a search team was sent into the building, but the missing person was found outside and unharmed.

Eighteen people were evaluated by the Emergency Medical Service, and 11 were relocated to the nearby Recycling Center to get them out of the hot sunshine.

By 3:52 p.m. firemen were back at the station.

Those who responded to the scene included 17 Lewisburg firefighters, nine firefighters from Farmington-Rich Creek Volunteer Fire Department, five Emergency Management Agency personnel, six EMS workers, five Lewisburg police officers, and one representative each from the electric system and the gas department.

Numerous agencies and individuals brought drinking water for the firefighters.

"Trison should be back in operation this afternoon," said Williams Wednesday morning. "We're very proud of that. Their personnel did a good job of evacuating people and getting them to a safe location.

"All the agencies came together," he continued. "There wasn't a glitch. Everyone knew their job and worked well together. Everywhere's not like that! They worked together to minimize the damage so they (Trison) could get back to work.

"Farmington did an outstanding job," Williams added. "We're proud to have them on scene with us."

At 7:23 p.m. the fire department got another call at the Industrial Park, this time from CKNA at 201 Garrett Parkway.

It took just six minutes for firefighters to get there, and what they found was not a fire but a ruptured oil line. About 1,500 gallons of hot oil escaped, and where it came in contact with hot surfaces, a lot of smoke was created.

"CKNA is well designed to contain spills," Williams said. The fire department did not have to put out a fire, so they concentrated on using fans to get the smoke out and the air cooled down. A CKNA environmental clean-up crew came in to finish the job.

"They should be back in operation today, also," Williams said. "I'm very proud of CKNA staff and emergency personnel working together to minimize damage; the scene went very smooth."

This time there were 16 firefighters on the scene, along with four EMS, three EMA, two LPD, and the gas and electric representatives. By 10:52 p.m. everyone was back at the fire hall.