Couple found dead in house on Mt. Lebanon Rd.

Friday, August 29, 2014

By Karen Hall


The bodies of an elderly husband and wife were found in a house on Mt. Lebanon Road Sunday by Marshall County Sheriff's Department deputies performing a welfare check.

Maj. Jimmy Oliver said the deaths were still under investigation, and both bodies had been sent to the medical examiner's office in Nashville for autopsy.

Oliver said he understood the pair were both in bad health. He refused to speculate on the time or cause of death, or to release the names of the deceased.

"The family hasn't gotten here yet," Oliver said.

According to his information, all the family members live out of state, and kept in touch with the couple on Mt. Lebanon Road by phone. It was when they hadn't been able to contact the elderly couple for several days that family members called the MCSD and asked for a welfare check.