Job in City Court is not full-time one for Davis

Friday, September 12, 2014

By Karen Hall


Local attorney Jason Davis said some people asked if he was closing his law practice in order to be the prosecutor in Lewisburg's City Court.

The answer is, "No."

The job in City Court, for which Davis is employed by the District Attorney's office, and paid by the city of Lewisburg, takes up only one long Monday afternoon each week.

The rest of the time, Davis will be maintaining his practice, a full-service law firm specializing in family law, estates, contracts, and so on.

The only thing he can't do now is criminal work.

"I did not do a lot of that anyway," Davis said in a phone interview. On Wednesday he was in Circuit Court to give up representation of a client he was assigned. Christopher Westmoreland of Shelbyville was chosen to replace Davis as defense attorney for Alex Pence.

This Monday, city court lasted until nearly 7 p.m., but in the future, Davis plans to be there at noon to begin speaking with police officers and members of the defense bar.

"We will stay until everyone is taken care of," he said. "Having set hours will let me work on things ahead of time." (City Court starts at 2 p.m.)

"The Lewisburg Police Department is one of the best in the state," Davis continued. "The officers are well trained."

He also praised the defense lawyers who go to City Court, calling them "very knowledgeable and good and what they do."

"We have a great judge, the officers are great, the defense bar is good to work with," Davis said of his first day as prosecutor. "Everyone's getting adjusted; it's going well."