Firefighters wear pink, raise money to fight breast cancer

Friday, October 3, 2014
Pictured wearing pink for Breast Cancer Awareness and cleaning the square in preparation for Homecoming and Octoberfest are Lewisburg firefighters, from left, Michael Park, Sid Mayberry, William Lee, Toby Adams, and Capt. Bill Thomas. The man in yellow is Bill Tolliver, a worker with Williams Restoration and Waterproofing.

By Karen Hall


Firefighters were out bright and early Thursday on the square in Lewisburg, using a fire hose to wash the construction mud and dust off the pavement in preparation for Marshall County High School's Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally today, and the Lions Club Octoberfest on Saturday.

You couldn't miss them -- they were all wearing pink T-shirts for Breast Cancer Awareness.

This has been done in previous years by the ambulance service here, and by fire departments in surrounding counties, but this is a first for the Lewisburg Fire Department, said Chief Larry Williams.

They are taking it one step further, and selling similar pink shirts to raise money to fight breast cancer.

"It was Rhonda's idea," said Williams. "She got us going." He was referring to Rhonda Dunn, wife of City Manager Randall Dunn. She and Laura Jent will be selling the shirts from the Command Trailer at the Goats Music and More Festival. Until then, the shirts are on sale at City Hall.

The decision to do the shirts was only made last Thursday, Williams said, but Linda Salway of Amazing Designs rose to the occasion and got the shirts made for them in time to wear on Oct. 1, the start of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The fire department is hoping to raise at least $2,700 for breast cancer research from the sale of the shirts.

"We decided to do our part to help out as much as we can," said Williams.

His men were not a bit reluctant to put on pink shirts, even though it is usually "a girl's color."

"They're wearing them with pride," Williams said. "They were glad to put them on."