Goats Music and More succeeds in spite of rain

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

By Karen Hall


"In spite of the weather, we feel that it went well," said Lewisburg Recorder Pam Davis Tuesday morning. "The crowd was good, considering the weather."

Actually, Davis said, the rain let up on both Friday and Saturday nights just in time for the featured acts to play on the main stage.

The only music presented in the Farmers Market pavilion was the Westhills Elementary School chorus concert on Friday morning.

"There were no major issues except the weather," Davis continued. "Everyone enjoyed the music, and the bands were appreciative of our hospitality."

"We were impressed with the numbers," added Gina Jones, co-chairman of the festival.

She said they had three times the former number of inquiries in the weeks leading up to the festival, and many more vendors -- about 150 -- than last year. Lots of people came from surrounding states, and one woman Jones and Davis talked to said she intended to come all the way from her home in Vermont.

"With better weather, it would have been up there with last year (when the Charlie Daniels Band was the top attraction)," said Davis. "Everyone seemed excited about the entertainment."

The City of Lewisburg does not put on the Goat Fest to make money, though they hope to break even. The sponsors play a big part in making it possible, and this year they also had more sponsors than ever. The city holds the Goat Fest to give back to the community, and prides itself on keeping it free, Davis said.

She gave credit to everyone who helps put on the festival, and singled out one department for special praise.

"Gina and I and the committee can plan and organize all day long, but the backbone of the whole thing is the Public Works Department," said Davis. "Without those guys this festival wouldn't happen! They're a good, good group of men."

New this year were the two round-top tents which belong to the Lewisburg Police Department, who got them as Army surplus.

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