Lewisburg wins economic development award for jobs

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

By Greg Lowe

Special to the Tribune

The City of Lewisburg is proud to announce that in a survey of over 200 economic development organizations from around the country, the city reported more jobs in the last 12 months than any other with a population of less than 25,000. The City of Lewisburg announced 852 jobs.

Denver, Colo.-based Atlas Advertising collected data from more than 200 economic development organizations in 40+ states and eight countries in their 2013/2014 benchmarking survey, which included organization-specific information such as location, population, annual budget, number of full-time staff, jobs announced in the past 12 months, website visits over the past 12 months, number of organizations served, and capital invested in a particular community.

The results were compiled and presented in Atlas' 2014 white paper, "Putting High Performance Economic Development into Practice: A Guide for Economic Development Leaders and Their Boards." The white paper may be downloaded from www.atlas-advertising.com.

"The City of Lewisburg, with their superior performance in the economic development industry, has shown itself to be one of the highest performers in the nation," said Ben Wright, CEO of Atlas. "Their leadership and staff have truly made a difference."

Atlas Advertising is a niche economic development marketing, strategy, and creative firm whose goal is to connect people to places and ideas to action. For almost two decades they have been helping communities (cities, states, regions, countries) grow their economies, attract talent, and compete for jobs through technology and strategy.