First Courts for Christ program held at MCHS

Friday, November 14, 2014

By Ivory Riner

Staff Writer

The Holy Spirit was present in the Marshall County High School gym on the chilly Wednesday night. Over 100 members of Fellowship of Christian Athletes from Cornersville, MCHS, and Forrest filled the bleachers to worship the almighty God. This was the first Courts for Christ program held in Marshall County and was hosted by Ben Gooch, Southwest Middle Tennessee FCA Area Director. The program started off in prayer led by Gooch, and then went into interactive hip-hop songs to get the crowd involved.

Students from MCHS and Forrest prepared skits, one playing out a student in his room demanding God to stay behind while he goes out with his friends. The MCHS student ended the skit with nailing Jesus in a cross position so He could not follow the student to the party. The crowd gasped at this sacrilege, but the student turned to them and said, "That's what y'all do!" in other words, leave God behind when they don't want Him watching their behavior.

The Pulse Youth Ministries, from the First Assembly of God, pumped up the crowd with their version of rapper, DJ Khalid's song, "All I Do Is Win," replacing the word 'money' in the lyrics, "Got money on my mind I can never get enough," with the word God. Youth pastor Joel Hutson and Tyler Young were on keyboards, Abel Singleton and Hannah Hutson on guitars, Ryan Shaneyfelt on bass, Chanler Fuller on drums, and Mallory Huston, wife of Joel, was singing.

Briar Mays, a senior at Forrest, Chris Walker and Tiffany Stanford, seniors at MCHS, and Hagan Holland, a junior at MCHS, all presented their testimonies before the crowd. Many tears were shed as the students explained giving their life for Christ. Tiffany explained the two-person battle she dealt with throughout her freshman and sophomore years. To avoid being picked on at school, she decided she would be the perfect preacher's daughter on Sunday and be a completely different person at school so she would fit in. She explained sitting in the pew at church feeling God speaking to her at a retreat in Virginia. Her favorite song was played during the service and she felt God telling her she needed to go to the altar and confess. She wasn't sure if it was God speaking to her, or just her emotions. She then told herself that if the church played her favorite song again, it was Him speaking. After communion was taken up, the preacher said there was someone in the congregation who was confused and lost. Tiffany knew that God was speaking to her. She found her mom, both crying, and went to the altar. She now has no hesitation on her faith and loves God to the fullest.

The program was ended with Gooch asking anyone who needs to let God into their life to come to the gym floor. About 20 students answered the call.