Crime reports

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Arrested and charged with aggravated assault

* Jose M. Rodriguez, 23, Crestland Street. Bond: $23,500; court date: Dec. 9. Also charged with aggravated criminal trespass, auto burglary, public intoxication, and vandalism over $1,000.

Arrested and charged with filing a false report

* Carl B. Couch, 44, Athens, Ala. Bond: $12,000; court date: Nov. 25; held for Lincoln County on four active warrants. Couch was stopped by Marshall County Sheriff's Deputy Bryan McCrory because there was a taillight out on his truck, but he pretended not to have his driver's license with him, and gave the deputy a false name, date of birth, and Social Security number. This came to light when Couch's wife came to get the truck, and showed McCrory where the license was. Once Couch's real identity was known, the four Lincoln County warrants were discovered.

Arrested and charged with driving under the influence

* Mikailu J. Kano, 42, Murfreesboro. Bond: $3,000; court date: Dec. 16. This is allegedly Kano's third DUI.

Arrested and charged with domestic assault

* Christopher D. Hedgcoth, 37. Bond: $2,500; court date: Dec. 8.

* Marsha Thayer, 46, Chapel Hill. Bond: $1,000; court date: Nov. 25.

* Brandon J. Pope, 27, Chapel Hill. Bond: $1,000; court date: Nov. 25.

* Christopher B. Pope, 22, Chapel Hill. Bond: $1,000; court date: Nov. 25.

Thefts and vandalism reported

* A local real estate agent reported to Marshall County Sheriff's Department a check which a Belvidere man wrote for $55,865.20 to pay for a property he bought at auction was returned for insufficient funds. In a phone conversation, the buyer told the agent it would be "a month before he could take care of it," according to the report by Deputy Matt Owens.

* A Chapel Hill woman reported to Marshall County Sheriff's Department one of her checks was stolen and the payee and amount were altered, so that instead of being a check to a local business for $142.64 it became a check for $800 made out to a person who cashed it in Kentucky.

* A Lewisburg woman reported to Marshall County Sheriff's Department someone used her information at an AT&T store in Florida to buy two 1Phone 6s, one iPhone 5S, and an iPad. They also changed her account plan, and bought insurance for the new devices.

* A Chapel Hill man was cutting wood and hauling off brush when he left his Stihl chainsaw, worth $230, about 50 feet off the road behind a log. When he went back to look for it 30 minutes later, the saw was gone.

* Some time between 6 p.m. Nov. 10 and 7:30 a.m. Nov. 11, a Lewisburg woman's purse disappeared from her car, possibly while it was parked at Fun Time Bowling. The purse contained her driver's license, Social Security card, insurance cards, check card and check book.

* A Lewisburg man had the side panel of his Jeep Wrangler slashed while he was at work at Marshall Medical Center. The police report did not state a cost for replacing or repairing the panel.

Arrested on a warrant for theft over $10,000

* James O. Osborne, 49. Bond: $15,000; court date: Nov. 18. This relates to a theft from R&R Automotive around Oct. 16, when the items taken included three rear ends, three transmissions, a cherry-picker, a Bend-Pak rack lift jack, a Honda pressure washer, 10 wheels, 10 tires, and a power steering pump.

Turned himself in on a probation-violation warrant

* Anthony T. McMillan, 24, Nashville. Bond: $500; court date: Dec. 9. McMillan was also served with a Lewisburg probation-violation warrant and on this the bond is $500; court date: Dec. 8.

Arrested on a probation-violation warrant

* Patrick C. Terry, 27. Bond not stated; court date: Jan. 12.

Served with a probation-violation warrant at Marshall County Jail

* Nancy J. Gentry, 44. Court date: Jan. 12.

Arrested on a failure-to-appear warrant

* Kayce D. Johnson, 25, Coyle Road. Bond: $500; court date: Dec. 9.

* Brandon J. Hart, 29. Bond not stated; court date: Jan. 12.