Aldermen sworn in for four-year term at Cornersville meeting

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

By Karen Hall


The two aldermen who were re-elected, and the one who was newly elected, were sworn in by Mayor Amos Davis at the beginning of the Cornersville Board of Mayor and Aldermen's meeting last week. The seat at the table which was left vacant by the resignation of Lezlie Calahan earlier this year has finally been filled with the addition of Mary Johnson to the board.

The meeting immediately turned to business, and Davis recapped the decisions made at the special-called meeting last month: Administrator Taylor Brandon's last day at work was Dec. 5. After that he would be on two months of paid leave (made up of his accumulated vacation and sick days) and one month of unpaid leave, returning on March 2. Meanwhile, Recorder Scotty Brock would be Interim Administrator, with an appropriate increase in pay, doing both jobs until Brandon comes back.

Having completed law school, Brandon is leaving to study for the bar exam. When he comes back, he will be waiting to hear if he passed, but he intends to leave for good on July 1, either to start practicing law or to study for the exam again.

At that point, Brock will become the permanent administrator/recorder.

All of these plans were unanimously approved by the BOMA.

"What we did not discuss was Scotty's accrued sick time," Brandon said. "He has earned 128 hours, which needs to be paid out before he goes (from hourly pay) to salary. I recommend you pay it before the end of December."

Paying Brock for his sick time was also unanimously approved.

"I hate to see Taylor go," exclaimed Pat Vandewarker during citizens' comments. "But he's going on to bigger and better things.

"I would like to state, as a resident of Cornersville and Marshall County, and a patient of Dr. Rector's, I am really saddened by his accident, and about the loss of him as a person, and as a doctor," she continued.

The other citizen who spoke, Sharon Cox, said a house was broken into across from her home, and the police response was quick and good.

Police Chief David McVey said he was following some good leads on recent burglaries, and had warrants out for two people. There have been numerous burglaries in northern Giles County similar to the ones in Cornersville, and he said the perpetrators probably came and went by interstate, making them more difficult to catch because they are not from the area.

Vandewarker had complained about the number of gunshots she heard in the town, but McVey said, "Our hands are tied unless they're shooting recklessly.

"We're pretty safe," he concluded. "If you see something out of place, give us a call."

The longer-than-usual meeting ended around 7 p.m., and people lingered to say goodbye and good luck to Brandon.