Rockets round into post-season form

Friday, December 12, 2014
Forrest's Dylan Pendley, center, took home the first place medal at the Harpeth Invitational, while Nik McGuiggan, left, and Ivan Wentzel, right, finished fourth. Photo submitted

The Forrest Rocket wrestling squad faced some tough competition over the past 10 days, traveling to Eagleville on Dec. 2 where they lost a 42-42 tiebreaker to the Eagles before losing to Fairview 50-20.

"We are gaining much needed mat time in these tournaments that hopefully will pay off in the long run," said Forrest head coach Kyle Stacey. "The Fairview match was a tough loss, but it gives us a measuring stick to go by. We know where we have to be at after Christmas break."

Ivan Wentzel, Nik McGuiggan, and Dylan Pendley won both their matches at Eagleville, while Jerry Jordan, Billy Clanton, Joseph "Cheese" Williams, Clay Watson, and Cody Donnelly went 1-2.

Harpeth winner

Four days after the Eagleville match, Forrest participated in the Harpeth Invitational, which drew wrestling squads from throughout the Middle Tennessee area and the Rockets had several wrestlers turn in outstanding performances, including Pendley, who took home the first-place medal in the 113-pound weight class.

Dylan Pendley, seen here versus Greenbrier, is undefeated on the season in the 113-pound weight class. Photo by Anthony S. Puca

"Dylan Pendley is wrestling well right now, his first match against Christian County, Ky. was a very tough match; it was the first match for him this year that went three periods," said Stacey. "He is undefeated at this point with a target on his back."

Both Wentzel and McGuiggan came up big at Harpeth, securing fourth place medals in the meet.

"Ivan Wentzel had a good tournament as well and is continuing to improve," said Stacey. "He started the season with an injury, but I believe he is whipping himself into wrestling shape. He has been working extremely hard in practice."

Ivan Wentzel, who had turned in a solid season so far for the Rockets, gets the best of a BGA wrestler in an earlier match this season at Forrest. Photo by Anthony S. Puca

Wentzel wrestled in three matches to earn his medal, while McGuiggan was the iron man for the Rockets, taking part in five matches in the 220-pound weight class.

"This was Nik McGuiggan's first varsity medal and I am extremely proud of him and all of our wrestlers that earned medals in the tournament," said Stacey. "Others wrestlers that wrestled well in the Harpeth Tournament were Clay Watson and Joseph Williams."

At Page

On Tuesday, Forrest traveled to Page for a quad meet and came away with a big 45-30 win over East Nashville before falling to Oakland 70-12.

Watson came up with pin over Deqwaun White to begin the East Nashville triumph and Wentzel followed with a takedown over Jason New in the 152-pound division.

After a double forfeit at 160, East Nashville scored back-to-back pins over the Rockets, tying the match at 12-12.

Donnelly and McGuiggan picked up forfeit wins, making it 24-12, but the Eagles got six points back when Eric Lee pinned Dylan Kydd.

A couple more forfeit wins by Harley Sisk and Pendley made it 38-16 until East Nashville's Carl Long pinned Justin Leonard in the 120-pound weight class.

Kota Hartley won by forfeit to secure the win for the Rockets before East Nashville's Destin Megra won in a fall over Cooper McNair.

Williams finished the match in style for the Rockets, coming away with a close 13-9 decision over Stephen Emmanuel in the 138-pound weight class.


Harley Sisk (106 pounds) and Pendley were the only two winning Forrest grapplers versus Oakland as Sisk pinned Charles Mejias, while Pendley made quick work of Tyler Rhothsumuder to remain unbeaten on the season.

"Oakland wrestles in the larger school division, so they are not in our region," said Stacey. "But East Nashville was a region match, so we got the opportunity to match up with them and evaluate their wrestlers."

Forrest traveled to Shelbyville on wrestle Signal Mountain and Shelbyville, before competing in another big tournament in the Cheatham County Duals this Saturday where they will face Page, Fairview, Eagleville, Hume-Fogg, Greenbrier, and several other region teams.

"That will be some great mat experience for our younger guys," said Stacey.

Harpeth Invitational Results:

Dylan Booker (170)

Champ. Round 1 - Macon Webster (Dickson Co.) over Dylan Booker (Forrest) (Fall 1:02)

Champ. Round 1 - Lelan Wilhoite (Nashville Christian School) over Dylan Booker (Forrest) (MD 15-6).

Cody Donnelly (195)

Champ. Round 1 - Tyler Roberts (Eagleville) over Cody Donnelly (Forrest) (Fall 4:58)

Cons. Round 2 - Cody Donnelly (Forrest) over Tristan Morton (Fairview) (Dec 10-5)

Cons. Round 3 - Lucas Chatham (Dickson Co.) over Cody Donnelly (Forrest) (Fall 0:00)

Dante Duncan (106)

Champ. Round 1 - Alek Filaroski (Page) over Dante Duncan (Forrest) (Fall 0:43)

Cons. Round 1 - Eric Jackson (Kenwood) over Dante Duncan (Forrest) (Fall 0:29)

William Eddins (182)

Champ. Round 1 - Levi Chatham (Dickson Co.) over William Eddins (Forrest) (Fall 1:20)

Cons. Round 2 - Dalton McGlasson (Creek Wood) over William Eddins (Forrest) (Dec 3-1)

Dillon Kydd (285)

Champ. Round 1 - Toby Lynch (Greenbrier) over Dillon Kydd (Forrest) (Fall 0:27)

Cons. Round 1 - Dillon Kydd (Forrest) over Ronzie Ellis (Kenwood) (Fall 2:23)

Cons. Round 2 - Dillon Kydd (Forrest) over Brandon Wesley (Eagleville) (Fall 1:23)

Cons. Round 3 - James Greer (Dickson Co.) over Dillon Kydd (Forrest) (Fall 2:58)

Justin Leonard (120)

Champ. Round 1 - Froilan Agulto (Christian County) over Justin Leonard (Forrest) (Fall 1:59)

Cons. Round 2 - Braxton Hunter (Harpeth) over Justin Leonard (Forrest) (Fall 4:46)

Nikolas McGuiggan (220)

Champ. Round 1 - Nikolas McGuiggan (Forrest) over Daniel Norfleet (Montgomery Central) (Fall 2:43)

Champ. Round 2 - Nikolas McGuiggan (Forrest) over Devin Spence (Harpeth) (Fall 3:10)

Champ. Round 3 - Joshua Ortiz-Derrick (Fairview) over Nikolas McGuiggan (Forrest) (Dec 5-4)

Cons. Round 4 - Nikolas McGuiggan (Forrest) over Phillip Bradley (University Heights) (Fall 2:43)

Cons. Round 5 - Kevin Bennett (Cheatham Co. Central) over Nikolas McGuiggan (Forrest) (Fall 0:00)

Cooper McNair (132)

Champ. Round 1 - Chance Collins (University Heights) over Cooper McNair (Forrest) (Fall 0:30)

Cons. Round 1 - Cooper McNair (Forrest) over Drew Vance (Kenwood) (Fall 2:40)

Cons. Round 2 - Noah Quilty (Greenbrier) over Cooper McNair (Forrest) (Fall 1:22)

Dylan Pendley (113)

Champ. Round 2 - Dylan Pendley (Forrest) over Daniel Knight (Christian County) (Dec 17-14)

Champ. Round 2 - Dylan Pendley (Forrest) over Anthony Melendez (Kenwood) (Fall 0:00)

Champ. Round 2 - Dylan Pendley (Forrest) over Adrian Luna (Dickson Co.) (TF 19-2 0:00)

Clay Watson (145)

Champ. Round 1 -- Clay Watson (Forrest) over Christopher Moore (Sycamore) (Fall 1:42)

Champ. Round 2 - Braxton Kinney (Battle Ground Academy) over Clay Watson (Forrest) (Fall 0:38)

Champ. Round 3 - Dallas Prater (Cheatham Co. Central) over Clay Watson (Forrest) (Fall 0:40)

Cons. Round 2 - Clay (Forrest) over Charles Fiscella (University Heights) (Dec 8-2)

Issac Wentzel (126)

Champ. Round 1 - Noah Walton (Greenbrier) over Issac Wentzel (Forrest) (Fall 3:19)

Cons. Round 1 - Garrett Witherspoon (Dickson Co.) over Issac Wentzel (Forrest) (Dec 15-8)

3rd Place Match - Justin Newby (Christian County) over Issac Wentzel (Forrest) (Fall 4:53)

Ivan Wentzel (152)

Quarterfinals - Justin Newby (Christian County) over Ivan Wentzel (Forrest) (Fall 1:20)

Cons. Round 3 - Ivan Wentzel (Forrest) over Hunter Hall (Greenbrier) (MD 13-1)

Cons. Round 4 - Ivan Wentzel (Forrest) over thomas Butler (Brentwood Academy) (MD 14-1)

Joseph Williams (138)

Champ. Round 1 - Jonah Neuman (Battle Ground Academy) over Joseph Williams (Forrest) (Fall 2:28)

Cons. Round 1 - Joseph Williams (Forrest) over Tristan Thornberry (Dickson Co.) (Dec 10-8)

Cons. Round 2 - Caleb Allen (Creek Wood) over Joseph Williams (Forrest) (Fall 2:52)