Swim team prepares for regionals

Friday, December 19, 2014
Caroline Heck qualifying for Regionals in her 100 meter butterfly. Photos submitted

The Marshall County High School swim team hosted Lawrence County on Saturday in at the Marshall County Recreation Center in the first meet where the new touch pads and scoreboard were used at the Recreation Center.

"Once the diving blocks are installed we will be able to host a top rated event," said Coach Jeff Borne.

Coaches Borne and Allison Mulliniks were impressed by the times of several swimmers, saying "There were lots of improvements."

Better scores

Jenny Nordland-Adams (MCHS) improved her 50 meter freestyle and her 100 meter freestyle, while Alyssa Elliot (FHS) improved her breast stroke, Alexis Burns (CHS) improved her 50 meter freestyle, Seth Beard (FHS) improved his 50 meter freestyle and his 100 meter freestyle, and Noah Curran (MCHS) improved his 50 meter freestyle.

The FHS girls relay team won 1st place with Caroline Heck, Ravynn Reyes, Jessie Heck and Alyssa Elliot. The MCHS girls relay team came in 2nd with Ashley Parker, Jenny Nordland-Adams, Veronica Kanka and Natalie Cook.

The highlight of the swim meet was another swimmer qualifying along with Alyssa Elliot, Natalie Cook and Kayla Richter for Regionals at the Centennial Sportsplex, in Nashville, in January. Caroline Heck, a freshman at Forrest High School, qualified in the 100 meter butterfly with a time of 1:18.76.

The 1st Place FHS Girls100 yard Freestyle Relay team from left, Alyssa Elliot, Caroline Heck, Ravynn Reyes, and Jessie Heck.


The 2nd Place MCHS Girls 100 yard Freestyle Relay team from left, Jenny Nordland-Adams, Ashley Parker, Veronica Kanka, and Natalie Cook.

Marshall County High School Results:

Jenny Nordland-Adams8th 50 yd. Freestyle8th 100 yd. Freestyle
Natalie Cook2nd 100 yd. Butterfly1st 500 yd. Freestyle
Noah Curran2nd 50 yd. Freestyle5th 100 yd. Freestyle
Veronica Kanka4th 100 yd. Freestyle3rd 100 yd. Breaststroke
Camron Middaugh2nd 200 yd. Freestyle2nd 100 yd. Freestyle
Ashley Parker2nd 200 yd. Freestyle 6th 100 yd Freestyle
Laramie Plott3rd 100 yd. Freestyle3rd 100 yd. Breaststroke

Forrest High School Results:

Seth Beard1st 50 yd. Freestyle4th 100 yd. Freestyle
Alyssa Elliot1st 200 yd. Individual Medley1st 100 yd. Breaststroke
Caroline Heck2nd 100 yd. Breaststroke1st 100 yd. Butterfly
Jessie Heck3rd 50 yd. Freestyle5th 100 yd. Freestyle
Raven Reyes6th 50 yd. Freestyle7th 100 yd. Freestyle

Cornersville High School Results:

Alexis Burns10th 100 yd. Freestyle
Kayla Richter2nd 100 yd. Freestyle1st 100 yd. Backstroke