Miller made Resident Artist at Henry Horton

Wednesday, December 31, 2014
Artist Tane' Miller is pictured in the lodge at Henry Horton State Park with the originals of her paintings which have been made into postcards which are being sold at the park.

By Ivory Riner

Staff Writer

After completing a painting of a riverbank at Henry Horton State Park earlier this year, Tane' (pronounced Ten-ay) Miller showed Manager Susan Spears her work while having lunch. Spears had been pushing to get postcards for the park for quite some time, but after seeing Miller's art work, she fought even harder. Today, Miller is the Resident Artist at Henry Horton. Three of her images can be found on the new postcards for sale at the park and her work is displayed at the front of the Governor's Table restaurant.

Tane' grew up in El Paso, Texas, in a broken home. Her mother was married multiple times, which formed a void in her heart. She started getting into arts and music and soon found that this would fill the void. She started singing at night clubs and had her own band by age 17. She later moved to Montgomery, Ala. where she got a job as a waitress.

While on the way to work one day, she said aloud, "God, I'm tired of the way I'm living. If there's such a thing as a real Christian, I want to know, and if you're real, God, prove it to me."

Within 30 minutes of arriving at work, a man at her first table asked her, "Do you know Jesus? How would you like to know that if you were to die tonight you would go to heaven?" Tane' told him yes she wanted to know. He prayed for her in her waitress uniform to accept the Lord as her savior. She proclaims she has never been the same since.

Living outside of Chapel Hill, Tane' has no children and has never been married. Upon asking her if she ever gets lonely, Tane' said she is never lonely with God by her side. She chose to make God her No. 1 priority by serving as an international missionary for 24 years, traveling and singing Gospel in Europe, the British Isles, Africa, the Caribbean, Mexico, and in the Canadian arctic to the Inuit people. She was one of the first to enter Eastern Europe after the Berlin Wall came down. Last year she took three international trips and plans to take two to four trips this year.

Although she majored in art for three years in college, she is a self-taught singer-songwriter and artist. She enjoys working with acrylics and oils to create paintings with vibrant colors, portraying nature and human figures. On the music side, she is a classical opera solo singer, something not a lot of people can do. She teaches art classes at Hobby Lobby in Columbia and at the Marshall County Art Guild on the square. She was honored with MCAG's first one-man show in February.