Glenda and Jim Ward retiring this month

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

By Ivory Riner

Staff Writer

After many years in the newspaper business, Glenda, Sales Consultant for the Marshall County Tribune, and Jim Ward, Tribune Manager, have decided to shut their computers down one last time and retire to spend time with their six grandchildren.

Jim's career in the newspaper business started in 1972 in Pittsburg, Kan. after searching for a job that he felt would "stay." Since first starting his career with Stouffer Communications in Kansas, he and his "Lovely Bride" Glenda went on to work in Iowa, Florida, Missouri, and Kentucky.

While in Florida, Jim was the publisher for a newspaper that served over 400,000 citizens. He jokingly added that moment was when he realized he would be married to the newspaper.

Glenda has been Jim's right-hand woman through the several moves and job changes during their 45 years of marriage.

Working with Alzheimer's patients in retirement homes has been her passion, but working alongside her husband as a sales consultant was another job she came to love.

Through the years, Jim realized that community newspapers were his calling. He admits they are a lot more fun than working at metro papers and require less worries. The thing he loves about them is that they feature local sports and stories that wouldn't be found in larger newspapers.

After leaving the managing position of the Tribune in Marshall County, Ky to manage the Tribune in Marshall County, Tenn., the Wards found the two towns are very similar. The newspaper office here is on the square, just as it was in Kentucky. This made them feel as if they had made the right decision by moving here.

"Jim and Glenda are two of the most delightful people anyone would ever want to meet. They were always a pleasure to work with and made our day when they came to our store to visit. When it came to making our ads, Glenda knew what we liked and what we stood for. She didn't settle for good enough, so she always changed things up and had new ideas. She went out of her way to make things special for us, which was was evident in their work," said Ken Tyson of Ken's Guns and More.

With Jim being the manager at the Tribune for seven years and Glenda in sales for about half that time on and off, the two finally decided to retire.

They plan to attend their six grandchildrens' ballgames, work on their daughter's farm in Spring Hill, and visit two grandchildren in Kentucky.

Jim says the key to life is being closer to your grandchildren.

"What I like most about Marshall County is it's so easy to get acquainted and accepted. We are glad to be ending our career in a community that we don't feel like moving away from," said Jim.

The Wards accomplished many things through their years at the Tribune. The Answer Book, a magazine which can be used as a recruitment tool to supply information for outsiders and also provides information for those who live here, has been printed twice.

"Jim is not only a really good newspaper person, he's just a really good person. His tenure handling the local paper was just what the doctor ordered and was needed for our county. He was fair, honest, accessible, friendly and always went the extra mile in seeing that things were done right. Growing up writing for the Tribune and Gazette allowed me to be around a lot of top notch newspaper people that I respected greatly. My dealings with Jim add one more name to that list. I wish him and Glenda the very best in their future plans and thank them for their service to our community," said Mike Keny, retired pharmacist and now co-coordinator of Marshall County Coordinated School Health.

An open house will be held at the Tribune office in celebration of the Wards' retirement from 9 to 11a.m. , Jan. 21.