Jewelry store remains closed after fire

Wednesday, January 28, 2015
This car crashed into Lewisburg Jewelry Monday morning, causing an electrical fire and damage to a load-bearing wall.

By Karen Hall


Lewisburg Jewelry, 564 E. Commerce St., remained closed as the Tribune went to press Tuesday.

A car crashed into the store's front wall Monday morning, starting an electrical fire and causing structural damage as well.

"We will re-open," said owner Tony Kirby. "It's a little bit of a mess here right now.

"Luckily nobody was hurt," he continued. "It can all be repaired and fixed."

Kirby said they heard a crash about 10 a.m. and at first thought it was a glass shelf falling inside the building, but quickly found it was more serious than that -- a driver had their foot on the gas instead of the brake and had run right into the wall. He and other employees rushed outside and helped the person out of the car.

A Lewisburg Jewelry employee called 911 at 10:04 a.m. to report the collision, and then called back to say there was a fire.

"There was conduit in the wall," explained Lewisburg Fire Chief Larry Williams. "The car hit it and knocked it loose and pinched the wires, and it started an electrical fire in the wall.

"We had a pretty busy little bit there," he said. "We knocked it (the fire) down very quick."

The wall the car ran into is a load-bearing wall, and the collision shifted it, so, after the fire was out, firefighters had to shore up the wall.

Williams reported he had 14 firefighters, three engines, and one first-responder unit at the scene.

Seven personnel from the Marshall County Emergency Medical Service were there, but no one required their services.

Lewisburg Police Department responded with four patrol cars to control traffic and one detective. A Marshall County Sheriff's Department deputy was also there.

The Emergency Management Agency was represented by two people, and Lewisburg's electric and gas departments each sent a truck.