IDB focuses on improving appearance of Lewisburg

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

By Ivory Riner

Staff Writer

The Industrial Development Board wants to look into building developing professional housing for those who might move to Marshall County.

The housing will be for those upper-income families looking to fill positions Lewisburg has available, but find two things aren't here: amenities and housing.

"If we bring in those people with higher incomes to fill open positions and settle down here, retail will follow," said Director of Economic Development Greg Lowe at Monday's IDB meeting.

"It is all about how Lewisburg looks," added IDB Chairman Eddie Wiles.

"Am I the only one who has noticed all of the cars being parked on the street? It looks like some people have a car lot on their property."

In reply, Lewisburg City Manager Randall Dunn said, "Marshall County does have an ordinance that grants one hobby car per family. If the city sees this is a problem, we mail them a letter. If they do not follow the guidelines, they appeal in court."

"There is also an ordinance that says people cannot leave their trash cans on the road, they must take it back to their house. The same things will happen to them if they do not follow what the letter reads."

Correspondingly, Ronald Robinson asked, "What happens if elderly people are not able to move their trash cans?"

Dunn said if they call City Hall, someone will be able to take care of it for them.

The board recognized Wayburn Wheeler who passed away last month. Wheeler served on the IDB Board years ago.

The board also agreed they would help the city and contribute 40 percent to the total cost of a new entrance sign that will be erected at the entrance to the Industrial Park off South Ellington Parkway.

Marshall County Mayor Joe Boyd Liggett announced he and Lincoln County Mayor Bill Newman will meet with newly appointed Economic and Community Development Commissioner for Tennessee Randy Boyd on Feb. 12 to implement a plan to help those affected by the Goodman plant closure in Fayetteville.

Twenty-nine white pine trees the IDB paid for to screen the back of the gas department from Rock Creek Park, have been planted, announced Dunn.

"We had the Junior Leadership Marshall, Leadership Marshall, and Gattis Leadership in Marshall County this past month touring the town. They all had several positive comments on Lewisburg and our city government," said Mike Wiles, executive director of the Joint Economic and Community Development Board.

"I just wanted to brag on our leaders in the town, everyone is working together and doing great things."

Mike Wiles mentioned the People Helping People program in Columbia. This program brings together members of churches and organizations to help restore homes and communities around town. They go in and help homeowners with minor repairs and yard work.

He said he thinks this would be a great opportunity for Marshall County residents to come together and help clean up the community. The program would also provide volunteer hours for students in the TN Promise program.