FCE members enjoy competing in a bake off

Friday, February 20, 2015

By Ivory Riner

Staff Writer

The Marshall County Family and Community Education Clubs held their Sweet Treats Bake Off Friday.

The bake off was started around five years ago by member Donna Elliot, who wanted to give members something to participate in similar to a women's fair.

The three groups, Lewisburg, Ostella, and Forever Young NHC Oakwood, all met Friday at the Hardison Annex in Lewisburg.

Each member brought in their specialty dish which was placed in one of the competition categories: bread, cake, candy, cookie, pie, pastry or miscellaneous. The women were allowed to bring in more than one dish each.

Four judges were chosen at random to taste two categories of their choice and judge them on based on taste and appearance while the ladies were out of the room.

Ribbons were given to first-, second- and third-place winners.

For breads, first place went to Rose Skillern for her jalapeņo corn muffins; second, Marcella Spence; third, Melba Price.

In cakes, first place went to Betty Jo Holt for her Italian creme cake; second, Claudia Braden; third, Debbie Tolley.

For candies, first place went to Amelia Pettes for her chewy nut clusters and second place went to Doris Collins. There was a tie for third place between Deborah Foster and Peggy Hunter.

For cookies, Penny Christoph won with her glazed mint brownies; second, Doris Collins; third, Melba Price.

For miscellaneous, first place went to Emily Gordon for her bacon-wrapped cream cheese; second, Donna Elliot; third, Marcella Spence.

For pies, first place went to Rene Massey for her heavenly pie and second place went to Peggy Hunter.

For pastries, first place went to NHC Oakwood for their cinnamon rolls and second to Linda Prince.

Member Rene Massey's heavenly pie was named best of show by the judges and favorite dish by the FCE members.

She was given a ribbon, a cookbook with recipes from regional FCE members, and a gift set of cooking utensils.

In the coming months, the recipes from the bake-off in Marshall County will be made into a cookbook and given to each member.

After awards were announced, the women ate stone soup. The recipe comes from an old folk story in which each person in the neighborhood contributed an ingredient for making the soup. As the story goes, by the time everyone contributed, there was a delicious soup in the pot, instead of the stone and water they started with.

Terri Orr, Extension Agent for the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, talked with the group about Bill Haslam's new Healthier Tennessee initiative.

The goal is to encourage and enable Tennesseans to improve the state's health.

Move more, eat smarter, and cut out tobacco are the three steps encouraged under the plan to make Tennessee a healthier and more active state.

The FCE members agreed they will dedicate 10-15 minutes before or after their monthly meetings to work on becoming a healthier site.

They also agreed that they will bring water instead of caffeinated drinks to their meetings.

Once they have accomplished the three steps, they will receive a certificate declaring them as a Tennessee Healthier worksite.