A fond farewell to a trusted friend, not just a sportswriter

Friday, March 13, 2015
Anthony S. Puca Sports Editor

From the End Zone

Bleeding green, getting lost in the fog, smiling at someone else's success, sadness in the disappointments, and typing sports articles with joy, while pledging our gridiron allegiance to "Touchdown Jesus" in SEC country are just a few things I have in common with my trusted partner of seven-plus years, Louis G. Scheuchenzuber.

"I believe most sportswriters choose this profession because they love sports and simply enjoy watching sports and anytime you can get paid for something you enjoy doing it's a bonus," said Scheuchenzuber.

Scheuchenzuber is moving on, chasing another dream and I am happy for him.

"The best part of being a sportswriter is interacting with the players, coaches and fans during the games," said Scheuchenzuber.

Scheuchenzuber graduated from Marshall County High School in 1994 where he was an all-region football player in his senior year with the Tigers.

He also played basketball and wrestled for two years.

Scheuchenzuber continued his education at the University of Tennessee where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in history and a minor in business.

Scheuchenzuber also wrote sports for the Tribune from July 2003 to May 2006.

I came to the Tribune in the summer of 2006, fresh with enthusiasm as I pursued a lifelong dream of being a sportswriter and for 17 months the entire county sports scene was mine to write about.

I went from end to end, covering as much as I could and loved it, but I was happy to hear that Louis was returning in 2007.

I was worn out.

It was a perfect match from the start, teaming up with someone who was so familiar with school sports in the county because, at one time or another, Louis had attended all three of the county high schools.

We also had the same vision.

Let's try to cover all of the county prep sports, beginning at the middle school level, and let's do it in a way that we can get the most kids in the paper.

"Over the last several years, I think we've done a good job of providing all three county schools with comprehensive coverage and have worked hard to provide a quality product for the fans of our local teams," said Scheuchenzuber.

I'm going to miss all of our behind-the-scenes strategy of making this job work with two sportswriters and six schools to cover in the county.

And it would never have worked if not for Louis' dedication and unbelievable work ethic, filled with energy and enthusiasm.

You want to know anything about sports in the county, ask Louis, and that's what I did, all the time.

It's not a job, it's a passion writing sports, and it doesn't seem that the thrill or the desire is completely gone and never will be for my friend and partner.

"I could see myself writing some in the future because I still like doing it," said Scheuchenzuber.

"I've enjoyed covering the teams here and have compiled a lot of great memories while working at the paper."

Any time Louis, any time, we would all be very happy.