Mock Disaster held at Cornersville High

Friday, March 27, 2015
Brent Adcox, Cornersville High principal, is strapped to a stretcher and taken away in an air evac airplane during a mock disaster Wednesday.

By Ivory Riner

Staff Writer

With prom approaching, School Resource Officer at Cornersville High School, Michael Galyon of the Marshall County Sheriff's Department, staged a mock disaster Wednesday.

A mock disaster mimics a scenario to demonstrate how it would be if it were real.

Since prom is Friday night, Officer Galyon held the disaster to warn students about the conciquences of drinking and driving.

The scenario behind as it played out had two teenagers driving home from their prom. The driver, who had been drinking alcohol, crossed over the center line and hit another car head-on. Jackie Abernathy, Director of Marshall County Schools, and Brent Adcox, Principal at Cornersville High, were the passengers hit by Cornersville students -- Samantha Reese, passenger, and Jacob Hamilton's, driver, vehicle.

"Help me! Someone please help me!" Reese shouted as students walked outside to watch the mock disaster.

While the students surrounded the mock car crash in the back parking lot of the school, the Cornersville Police Department, Marshall County Emergency Medical Service and Cornersville Fire Department swarmed in.

As the policeman arrived, he checked on the passengers and drivers. Reese was found dead and placed on a blanket beside the scene as Hamilton underwent a sobriety test.

Crews pried the doors and roof off of the car that Abernathy and Adcox were in. Abernathy was placed in an ambulance where she received care from the paramedics. Adcox was air-lifted in an air evacuation helicopter.

Reese was placed in a body bag, put on a stretcher and taken away in a hearse.

After the mock disaster, students filled the bleachers of the gymnasium.

"Ma'am, we have to inform you that your daughter Samantha has been killed in a car accident," said the voice over the microphone of the gymnasium to Reese's mock mother.

"If one bad thing happens, everyone is affected. The driver in this mock disaster was arrested with a DUI, but it would be enhanced to vehicular homicide," said Sgt. Chris Hannah.

Hannah warned the students about not wearing their seatbelts, drinking and driving and texting and driving.

"When you have your prom Friday, have fun and make it the most memorable thing that will happen to you this year. I hope this opened your eyes because if you don't do certain things, it will happen."

He went on to tell the students a story about a girl he went to school with who was killed by another person.

"It was two days before prom and two weeks before graduation. She was in the top 25 of her class and had her whole life ahead of her. It was all gone in an instant because of something someone did," said Hannah.

After his ride in the helicopter, Adcox joined the students in the gym.

"When I was in that car, I thought about you guys and how terrible it would be for you all to go through that," Adcox said.

"I love y'all. You all heard me say that a hundred times. It was fun in the helicopter, but I will never ever want any of y'all to fly in that thing on a serious reason."

Jackie Abernathy ended, "If this exercise you witnessed saves one person, then it was worth it."

Wednesday was the first time using adults in a mock disaster at Cornersville, which Abernathy said made it more impactful.

Galyon encouraged students attending prom to sign a 'prom promise' in which they promised to not drink or text and drive on prom night.