Schools get visit from Miss Tennessee

Friday, April 17, 2015
Hayley Lewis, Miss Tennessee 2014, spoke to students at four elementary schools - Chapel Hill, Cornersville, Marshall and Westhills - about respect Wednesday. She asked the students what respect meant and told them to respect themselves by being healthy. "If you exercize and take care of your body, you are respecting yourself," said Lewis. She asked the students what diversity meant. One student answered with the word, "differences." Lewis replied by saying that people have different hair and skin colors, but that's what makes them diverse. When she asked the students who have been or seen a child being bullied to raise their hands, nearly all of the students hands were in the air. She told them to take a stand against bullying and when they see someone being bullied to report it to a teacher or another adult. The students took a pledge to respect themselves, their peers, and teachers and authority, and to also take a stand against bullying. Here she is with students at Westhills Elementary School singing "Let it Go" from the movie "Frozen."