Chief Chuck Forbis recovering in Vandy rehabilitation center

Friday, April 24, 2015

By Ivory Riner

Staff Writer

Lewisburg Police Chief Chuck Forbis was transferred from Vanderbilt University Medical Center to Vanderbilt Stallworth Rehabilitation Center Wednesday afternoon where he will continue his recovery following his automobile accident on Saturday.

Forbis was rear-ended by 68-year-old Nancy Baker early Saturday morning at the intersetion of Ellington Parkway and East Commerce Street. He underwent a four and a half hour surgery on his spine that afternoon. Forbis is suffering from partial paralysis from a fracture to his upper back.

The Tribune has spoken with him and as of Thursday, he does not know if he will be able to walk. He also does not know if or when he will undergo any future surgeries to his back.

Forbis completed his first day of therapy Thursday with the hope that after a month of therapy, he will be be released.

Baker was transported to Maury Regional Medical Center after the accident where she had a 10% collapsed lung and significant bruising.

Although Baker stated she was not allowed to comment on the accident due to the ongoing investigation, she said her body still hurts and that she is back at her job only because it is the only source of income she has.

Captain Rebekah Mitchell and Dt. Sargent David Henley have stepped in to keep everything at the Lewisburg Police Department going while Forbis is out.

"He is still the chief and still makes decisions, but we are working with him to keep everything moving forward," Mitchell said.

Forbis has received several visits from his staff at the department, some even visiting him multiple times to keep him company and keep his spirits up.

Mitchell described him as being someone with outstanding character and morals.

"He has left the department in a positive direction such as acquiring equipment and technology that we did not have prior to him. He is not only a great asset to the department, but to the city as well," Mitchell said.

Furthermore, Mitchell said he is a tremendous leader and leads by his character by treating everyone as he would want to be treated.

As for Forbis's health, Mitchell referred to it as being a waiting game on how his body will heal once he goes through with therapy.

She has not spoken with him about when he is to return to work.