Crime reports

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


* A bogus $100 bill was attempted to be passed ad R&D Market, Mooresville Highway, according to Patrolman Charles Brannan's report. The bill was taken as evidence.

Theft of Property (Shoplifting)

* Michael B. Wooten, 19, city court date May 18

* Christophe D. Hedgcoth, 37, city court date June 22

* Kelley M. Tidwell, 34, city court date June 22


* Jordan Skinner reported that on April 28, a passenger in a vehicle ahead of him threw an object which scratched Skinner's car and cracked its front windshield.

Aggravated burglary

* Jeremy F. Webb reported that items with a total value of $5,710 were taken from his home on April 28, according to Patrolman James Repasky's report. A rear window lock had previously been broken and may have been the point of entry. Taken were two tool boxes, hand tools, two 15-inch speakers, a 36-inch television, a wedding dress, a green, self-propelled push mower, 200 DVDs and games, an air compressor, Indian plates, wall head art, an oil incense burner, a Playstation 3 console and a Wii console.

Domestic assault

* Richard Lee Diviney, 33, city court date June 8

* Tracy I. Urquhart, 48, city court June 15

Aggravated assault

* Bradley G. Vincent, 32, city court date June 8

* David R. Metcalf, 42, also charged with vandalism, city court date June 22.


* Steven C. King, 28, city court date May 18

Failure to register as sex offender

* Brett D. Rogers, 29, general sessions court date May 19

Restitution as a condition for probation

* Canadian R. Rhodes, 21, city court date June 22

Failure to appear

* Joseph D. Rohlman, 21, city court date May 11

* Kiona D. Fitzpatrick, 20, city court date June 1

Contempt of court

* Terry Nelson Stovall, 46, city court date June 1

Simple possession / casual exchange

* Jeffery K. Wiser, 54, also charged with theft of services, unlawful drug paraphernalia and criminal trespassing, city court date May 18

Driving on revoked or suspended license

* Candy L. Vincent, 39, two separate incidents in a 24-hour period, city court date June 8

* Rodney Steven Mitchell, 36, city court date June 8

* Adrian E. Ramirez, 27, city court date June 8