Loss to Camden ends Tigerettes' season

Tuesday, May 12, 2015
The Tigerettes will miss all five of their graduating seniors from left, Kenzie Anderson, Grace Medley, Ashton Watkins, Jacey Perryman and Mecia Reed. Photo by Anthony S. Puca

The Marshall County Tigerettes (19-10) were playing host to the Camden Central Lady Lions Monday night at Reese Hambrick Softball field.

Being that the winner of this matchup solidified their spot in the sub-state, it was a win-and-advance or lose-and-go-home situation for both teams.

The Tigerettes, who won the District 12AA championship after having to play a double header against Giles County a few days before, were hoping that their bats would stay swinging like they had been.

However, with the combination of some great pitching and hitting from the Lady Lions, the Tigerettes' season came to an end, with Camden posted a 6-1 victory.

Hard start

The Tigerettes had a rough start offensively. Mecia Reed led off for Marshall County with a ground ball to the infield, which led to an easy out at first, setting a tone for the inning as the Tigerettes were retired in order.

It would not be the only inning in which the Tigerettes failed to have a baserunner.

And while Marshall County was having its offensive its troubles, the Lady Lions wasted little time to get on the scoreboard. With two outs and and Hannah Sampson on third, Sara Hooten came to the plate and hit a RBI single into outfield.

Two batters later, Jordan Mitchell hit a RBI double to bring in teammate Sebyn Brockman. Before the Tigerettes could make any adjustments, Sampson came back out to the plate in the second inning and sent a ball soaring over the left-field fence. Brockman also smashed a ball far over the left-field fence, but this time it was in the top of the third, making the score 4-0 Camden Central.

Hitting problems

The Tigerettes simply just could not hit the ball well Monday night, and when they did, they never could string together enough hits in an inning to bring in baserunners. In the bottom of the fourth inning, they were looking for anything to gain some momentum. After Watkins dropped a ball over the head of Shelby Hicks in center field, Solomon came back with an RBI single out into left field. Solomon would end up being stranded on base after Perryman, Anderson, and Medley all ended up striking out.

The next two innings would turn out to be all defense from both teams as neither Marshall County or Camden Central scored during the fifth or sixth innings.

Going into the seventh inning, the Tigerettes knew there season was on the line. Down 4-1, they needed to get a 'three up, three down' defensive stand more than ever. With two outs and two runners on base, Mitchell drilled a RBI double to the left-field fence, bringing in two runs for the Lady Lions.

Serious effort

Once the Tigerettes were able to get the last out that they needed, they knew they had to get something going quick. They were three outs away from their season being over and no one wanted that.

McKenzie Anderson led off the bottom of the seventh, slapping a line drive all the way to the center-field fence, which earned her a double. After Grace Medley had a strikeout and the next batter had a pop fly that was caught by the shortstop, Marshall County was down to its final out of their season. Mecia Reed came to the plate and after watching a few pitches go past, she struck out swinging, ending the Tigerettes dream of moving forward in the tournaments and ending the season where it all began.