Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Bill Williams stands next to the flag at the 18th hole at Saddle Creek Golf Club where he sunk a $5,000 dollar winning putt at the J.R. Moon Golf Classic on Thursday. Photos by Anthony S. Puca

Moon Classic putt worth $5,000

Bill Williams made the putt of his life Thursday afternoon at the 19th Annual J.R. Moon Golf Classic at Saddle Creek Golf Club.

The Texas native sunk a 55-ft. bomb in the final round of the putting contest to win $5,000.

Twenty golfers made the cut to the final round and Williams was the fourth person to attempt the putt on the Par 5 18th hole at Saddle Creek.

The participants were not allowed to watch the other qualifiers putt, turning their backs as to not see the speed or the break of the putt on the undulating green.

Bill Williams takes another try from approximately spot on the green where he made his winning putt.

Just knew it

"It was a 55-foot putt, but it sure felt like 65 feet and it had a lot of break to it," said Williams. "I knew the moment I hit it that it was going in, it started to break just right and headed straight for the hole."

It was the first time in the storied history of the event that a player made the winning putt, and the biggest payout of any kind at Saddle Creek since fellow Texas golfer Chad Campbell won a Hooter's Tour event in 2000.

"I felt the paradox of being a 20-plus handicap and all the great golfers out here, that I would make the putt and be the first person in the 19-year history of this great event to win the $5,000," said Williams.

Winning tools

Williams used an Odyssey White Hot Rossie putter and a Calloway Super Soft No. 2 ball and played in the J.R. Moon Classic with Doug Ross, Kellen Scott and Jason Vanderveen on the Old Hickory Smokehouse team.

Williams, a Saddle Creek member, is a 22-handicap golfer and has played in the event since moving from Fort Worth, Texas in 1997 to become the sales manager of the Mead Container Board facility at Lewisburg.

Williams has been with the Southern Carton Corporation in Lewisburg for the last three years.

'Humbling game'

Golf is a sport Williams cherishes a lot, playing and being a spectator for over four decades.

"Golf is such a great game, it is humbling game and a game you can play into your nineties," said Williams. "But, I think I am at the same skill level I was 40 years ago."

Williams' greatest golf memory came at his favorite event at the Colonial Golf Tournament in Forth Worth where had lunch with golfing legend Byron Nelson in 1978.

"It was just like talking to your dad, it was just great," said Williams. "I had gone to the Colonial in Fort Worth every year since 1969 and I had a chance to talk to a lot of golfers, but the biggest moment was having lunch with Byron Nelson."


Williams graduated from Richland High School in Fort Worth in 1967 and attended the University of Texas at Arlington where he graduated in 1971 with a Bachelor of Business Administration.

Williams and Mille, his wife of five years live next to the Saddle Creek Golf Club in the Creekside sub-division.

Between the two they have four children, Spence 32, Andrew 30, Chris 39 and Kevin 33.

Williams has one grandson Liam 1.5 years old and Millie has two, Logan 12 and Oakley 8.