Marshall County Babe Ruth League awards

Wednesday, June 24, 2015
Second place -- Nichirin Front row, from left, are, Jacob Harris, Reagan Walker and Donte Duncan. Back row from left, Blake Distelow, Kolton Fitch, Cameron Burrow, Hunter Huarez, coach Greg Bradford, Joseph Freeland, Jacob Autry and Dillon Duncan. Not pitchered Tez Allen, Thomas J. Beardsley, manager Tommy Fitch and coach Tim Huarez. Photos by Marshall Hunter

First place -- Clint's Air Care Front row, from left, are Jay Lyons, Dusty Brashear, Dylan Eady, Dylan Pendley and Lofton Yeager. Back row from left, coach Brian Snyder, manager Brian Eady, Jaylen Smith, Jarvis Lyttle, Chase Karaczewski, Ethan Mealer, Lane Allen and coach Damon Mealer. Not pitchered: Colby Bluthardt and Anthony Moretti.
Jaylen Smith (Batting Title) and Ethan Mealer (Pitching Title).
13/14-Year-Old All-Stars From left are coach Tim Haurez, Walker Whaley, Preston Shelton, Austin Grubbs, coach Damon Mealer, Jaylen Smith, Caleb Crowell, Allante Watts, Blake Distelow, Hunter Haurez, Ethan Mealer, Cameron Burrow, Joseph Freeland, Dustin Brashear, manager Greg Bradford, Dylan Pendley. Not pictured, Mitchell Ford (Defensive Player of the Year) and Gauge Anderson.
15-Year-Old All-Stars Front row, from left, Dylan Eady, Will Vanhooser, Lane Allen, Jay Lyons and Nathan Thomason. Back row from left, coach Mike Mills, Jarvis Lyttle, Kolton Fitch, Knox Barnes, Chase Karaczewski, Jackson Coward, Tristan Maxwell, Jacob Autry, manager Brian Eady and coach Brian Snyder. Not pictured, Colby Bluthardt and Jacob Harris.
Jonathan D. Hollingsworth Award- Tristan Maxwell.
From left are 14-year old MVP Hunter Huarez, 13-year old MVP Austin Grubbs and 15-year old MVP Dylan Eady.