Brewer works hard to make dream reality

Wednesday, June 24, 2015
Alex Brewer takes a cut in Oklahoma for Team Tennessee. Photos by Danny Parker

Anyone who has been watching Vanderbilt University's incredible two-year run in the College World Series has heard of Commodore coach Tim Corbin's philosophy of letting the players drive the bus.

Corbin's philosophy has worked and prepared players for the pros with Chapel Hill's Mike Minor, David Price and Pedro Alvarez already in the major leagues and having successful careers.

High demand

This season, the Commodores had nine current players picked in the MLB draft, including shortstop Dansby Swanson, who was picked No. 1 by the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Chicago White Sox drafted pitcher Carson Fullmer with the eighth pick in the first round and pitcher Walker Buehler was chosen with the 24th pick by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Philip Pfeifer (Dodgers), Rhett Wiseman (Washington Nationals), Tyler Ferguson (Texas Rangers), Zander Wiel (Minnesota Twins), Xavier Turner (Rangers) and John Kilichowski (Chicago Cubs) were also selected in the draft.

Brewer commits

Forrest's Alex Brewer, who has committed to play for Vanderbilt after he completes his senior year for the Rockets, is one of those players Corbin is looking for.

"From things that I have heard, he wants to be a second dad who teaches life's lessons, life's goals and life's expectations, not just baseball," said Brewer. "I definitely want to get under the wing of coach Corbin and be touched by him."

Brewer has taken the wheel of his own baseball future, playing all over the country in the summer to hone his skills.

"There are a bunch of things that keep me motivated, but my family is the biggest reason why I put all the work in trying to get better," said Brewer.

"You have to have a passion and love for the game to go to the next level and I think I am one of those guys who likes to work and keep my bond to the game very strong, so I just let everything else happen and fall together."

Forrest's Alex Brewer, middle row second from right, has played for Team Tennessee the last two years under former Forrest coach Chris Parker.

Team Tennessee

One of those ventures has been his two-year stint with Team Tennessee and the squad's participation in the Sunbelt Tournament at Oklahoma under former Forrest coach Chris Parker.

"Team Tennessee is probably the best tournament I have ever played in my entire life," said Brewer.

"And playing for coach Parker for two years with Team Tennessee and for two years in high school has been great, he is a fabulous coach."

Team Tennessee has been spectacular, finishing in second place two years in row, losing to Texas in the championship game both times.

"Losing happens, it was a very good game, but I think we should have pulled through," said Brewer. "It will stick with me, not getting the ring two years in a row, we did all we could do, but it was a great run and a great experience playing in the tournament."

Alex Brewer with his host family in Oklahoma. Front row Stevie (11) and Spencer (8). Back row from left, Logan Jarvis (Franklin High School), Katie Stinchcomb and Alex Brewer. Not Pictured: Rodney Stinchcomb.

Second family

One of the best experiences Brewer has had over those two years with Team Tennessee is the time he has spent with his host family in Oklahoma.

"They are literally like family to me now and I was fortunate to get with the Stinchcombs, they are amazing," said Brewer.

"They are one of a kind and I love them, it was awful leaving them this year and I hope to see them down the road. This will be a bond that will last forever."

The Forrest standout will also travel the country to participate in several tournaments where he will be closely watched by pro baseball scouts.

Facing the best

"I like competing against better competition or as good as I am and facing faster pitching is one of my favorite things to do," said Brewer.

Brewer will have a tough choice to make in the spring when he will most likely mull over a tough decision if he is chosen in the Major League Baseball draft.

"I'm just more focused on getting better individually and bonding with my Forrest teammates in my senior year," said Brewer. "I'm not worried about the whole draft thing yet and probably won't, I want to attend Vanderbilt University, get a degree there and worry about baseball afterwards."