Daughrity reels in legend

Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Captain Dan Sweeney (left) poses proudly with anglers Lance Daughrity and Carter Jones. Photos submitted

On a recent family trip to Orange Beach, Florida, pseudo captain Dan Sweeney dropped off most of the entourage of the Sweeney, Jeremy Daughrity and Jed Jones families on an island before embarking on a fishing trip in the bay with mates Lance Daughrity and Carter Jones.

After Sweeney guided the two youngsters on a mostly successful journey that bagged a couple of fish, the trio headed back to the island when no thanks to Sweeney, Daughrity exclaimed that he had a big one on his line.

Lance threw his bait out and in a few minutes he screamed out, "Captain Sweeney I have something big on the line."

Lance Daughrity displays the 40-inch, 31-pound Redfish that he caught in Orange Beach, Florida.

"The drag was squealing and Lance jumped to the front of the boat," Sweeney said.

Gigantic battle

Sweeney re-awoke, steering the boat through traffic and in the direction of the pulling big fish, and after a 30-minute struggle that had many people watching the fight, Daughrity got the fish close enough to the vessel where Sweeney grabbed the monster by the gills and tossed it in the boat.

It turned out to be a big one indeed, a 40-inch, 31-pound Redfish.

"We came home and got some deckhands to clean the fish and we grilled it, and it was delicious," Sweeney said. "It fed us all and we had leftovers."