Rockets finish 3rd at Red Hawk Rumble

Friday, January 15, 2016
Red Hawk Rumble medalists from left are, Wesley McCoy (1st), Clay Watson (1st), Peyton Sisk (3rd), Dylan Pendley (1st) and Jeffery Gross (2nd). Photos by Shanna McCoy

The Forrest Rockets wrestling team marches on towards the post-season, taking a tough road by competing in several big dual tournaments with the latest coming Saturday when the Chapel Hill grapplers finished in third place at the Red Hawk Rumble at Creek Wood High School in Dickson.

Wesley McCoy, Clay Watson and Dylan Pendley all took home first place medals, while Jeffery Gross finished second and Peyton Sisk third for the Rockets, who finished behind Fairview and Page respectively.

Forrest returned to the home mats on Tuesday versus Lipscomb Academy and the Rockets blanked the Mustangs 83-0.

Gross, Harley Sisk, Pendley, Williams, McCoy, Geeting and Nikolas McGuiggan all won by forfeit in the match.

Bryton Spitzley, Josh Hill, Clepper Watson, William Eddins and Billy Clanton pinned their Mustang opponents, while Peyton Sisk came up with a 17-1 major decision win.

Wesley McCoy gets ready to pin James Smith from MLK in the semifinals of the Red Hawk Rumble.

Red Hawk Rumble Results

William Eddins (182 pounds)

Championship Round 1 - Logan Arkell (Montgomery Central) over William Eddins, (Fall 1:20).

Consolation Round 2 - William Eddins over LaDarius Moore (Martin Luther King), (Decision 8-4).

Consolation Round 3 - Ethan Rainey (White House) over William Eddins, (Fall 4:20).

Austin Geeting (170)

Championship Round 1 - Adam Young (Nashville Christian School) over Austin Geeting, (Fall 3:45).

Consolation Round 2 - Austin Geeting over Nick Sharp (Sycamore), (Fall 4:50).

Consolation Round 3 - Dominal Kennedy (Hume-Fogg Academic Magnet) over Austin Geeting, (Decision 10-6).

Jeffrey Gross (106)

Semifinals - Jeffrey Gross over Jesse Howell (Fairview), (Fall 3:39).

1st Place Match - Tanner Corlew (Creek Wood) over Jeffrey Gross, (Decision 6-1).

Josh Hill (285)

Championship Round 2 - Toby Lynch (Greenbrier) over Josh Hill, (Fall 0:00).

Consolation Round 3 - Everett Delano (Fairview) over Josh Hill, (Fall 0:54).

Justin Leonard (126)

Justin Leonard over Robert Worrell (White House), (Fall 2:17).

Semifinals - Brian Jones (Fairview) over Justin Leonard, (Major Decision 13-5).

Consolation Semis - Noah Walton (Greenbrier) over Justin Leonard, (Major Decision 12-2).

Wesley McCoy (160)

Championship Round 2 - Wesley McCoy over Roeblfo Corona (Montgomery Central), (Fall 0:17).

Semifinals - Wesley McCoy over James Smith (Martin Luther King), (Fall 2:53).

1st Place Match - Wesley McCoy over Chris Koshar (Page), (Fall 2:27).

Dylan Pendley battles James Jones from Fairview in the championship match won by Pendley in a close 7-6 decision.

Dylan Pendley (120)

Championship Round 2 - Dylan Pendley over Jaden Burns (Greenbrier), (Fall 0:36).

Semifinals - Dylan Pendley over Sevaughn Orr (Martin Luther King), (Fall 1:11).

1st Place Match - Dylan Pendley over James Jones (Fairview), (Decision 7-6).

Harley Sisk (113)

Harley Sisk over Jagger Brantley (White House), (Fall 1:16).

Semifinals - Vincent Ha (Page) over Harley Sisk, (Fall 1:00).

Consolation Semis - Kolby Levrets (Cheatham Co. Central) over Harley Sisk, (Decision 6-2).

Peyton Sisk (132)

Peyton Sisk over Danny Jeffrey (White House), (Decision 11-7).

Championship Round 2 - Peyton Sisk over Tyler Brooks (Montgomery Central), (Fall 1:52).

Semifinals - Michael Coley (Nashville Christian School) over Peyton Sisk, (Fall 5:03).

Consolation Round 3rd - Peyton Sisk over Benjamin Cook (Lipscomb Academy) (Decision 5-2).

Bryton Spitzley (145)

Championship Round 1 - Trever Caudill (Page) over Bryton Spitzley, (Decision 10-7).

Consolation Round 2 - Devin Kimble (Sycamore) over Bryton Spitzley, (Fall 0:48).

Clepper Watson (152)

Championship Round 2 - Clepper Watson over Matthew Sullivan (Sycamore), (Fall 1:59).

Semifinals - Clepper Watson over Ryan Herndon (Greenbrier), (Fall 1:03).

1st Place Match - Clepper Watson over Sam Sigmon (Page), (Fall 1:51).

Joseph Williams (138)

Championship Round 1 - John Maynard (Cheatham Co. Central) over Joseph Williams, (Fall 5:09).

Consolation Round 2 - Joseph Williams over Brandon Maples (Montgomery Central), (Decision 10-8).

Consolation Round 3 - Noah Quilt (Greenbrier) over Joseph Williams, (Fall 4:48).