MCHS Tennis opens with sweep over Giles County

Friday, March 18, 2016
Annie Haynes, Marti Sullivan, Natalie Cook and Alexa Hooten are all smiles before their shutout win over Giles County Tuesday at Lewisburg. Photos submitted

Tuesday, March 15

At Marshall County

MCHS 4, Giles County 3 (Boys)

MCHS 7, Giles County 0 (Girls)

Girls singles

Cook (MCHS) d. Pierce (GC), 8-3.

Sullivan (MCHS) d. Hawk (GC), 8-5.

Hooten (MCHS) d. Chapman (GC), 8-0.

Haynes (MCHS) d. Bennett (GC), 8-0.

Moses (MCHS) d. Robertson (GC), 8-2.

Ingram (MCHS) d. Orewler (GC), 6-4.

Girls doubles

Cook/Hooten (MCHS) d. Pierce/Hawk (GC), 8-3.

Sullivan/Haynes (MCHS) d. Chapman/Bennett (GC), 8-0.

Moses/Ingram (MCHS) d. Herm/Daldy (GC), 6-0.

Boys singles

George (MCHS) d. Abernathy (GC), 8-6.

Doer (GC) d. Gillum (MCHS), 5-8.

Sean Kennedy won his singles match 8-2.

Kennedy (MCHS) d. Duncan (GC), 8-2.

Hammonds (MCHS) d. Townses (GC), 8-5.

Bae (GC) d. Delai (MCHS), 5-8.

Beard (MCHS) d. Payne (GC), 10-8.

Davis George and Tori Gillum won their doubles match 9-7 over Giles County.

Boys doubles

George/Gillum (MCHS) d. Doer/Townsend (GC), 9-7.

Abernathy/Townses (GC) d. Kennedy/Hammonds (MCHS), 8-6.

Delia/Beard (MCHS) d. Bae/Raly. 6-0.

Head Coach - Tammy Shrivalle

Assistant Coach - Robert Ward

Assistant Coach - Vanessa Sweeney

Next match:

Monday, March 21

At Columbia Central (Woodland Park), 3:30 p.m.