Marshall County Sports Scoreboard

Wednesday, April 13, 2016
Cornersville's Hannah Singleton went 4-for-4 versus Loretto at the Zion Invitational on Saturday. Photos by Anthony S. Puca

Thursday, April 7


Cornersville at Columbia Academy

Cornersville 000 000 0-0 9 2

Columbia Academy 401 000 X-5 9 0

Cornersville: Carson Coble 3-4, Hannah Singleton 2-for-4, Mikaela King 1-for-4, Madison Hopkins 1-for-3, Miranda Cooksey 1-for-2, Madison Spivey 1-for-2.

2B: Madison Spivey

LP: Kirsten Young (6IP, 9H, 5R, 1ER, 4K, 0BB)


Forrest at Harpeth

Forrest: 231 021 0-9 13 2

Harpeth 000 000 0-0 6 1

Forrest: Jacob Jones 3-for-5, Ryan Yelensky 2-for-4, Jonathan Lykins 2-for-3, Austin Welty 2-for-4, Alex Brewer 1-for-4, Landon Jones 1-for-3, Boone Sweeney 1-for-1, Bryce Oliver 1-for-2.

2B: Sweeney, Welty.

3B: Jacob Jones.

RBI: Sweeney 2, Lykins 2, Yelensky 2, Jacob Jones 1, Landon Jones 1.

WP: Jonathan Lykins (6IP, 5H, 0R, 0ER, 6K, 1BB)

Dustin Brashear (1IP, 1H, 0R, 0ER, 2K, 2BB)

LP: Gensert

Coffee County at Marshall County

Coffee County 000 101 1-3 5 2

Marshall County 111 300 x-6 5 2

Coffee County: Wyatt Day 2-for-4, Alan Rob 1-for-4, Cade Giles 1-for-3, Jacob Langham 1-for-3.

2B: Rob

3B: Giles

RBI: Langham, Rob, Nathaniel Tate

Marshall County: Madison Peete 1-for-2, Ethan Poteete 1-for-4, Stuart Warner 1-for-2, Brett McGehee 1-for-1, Brayden Gentry 1-for-2.

2B: Peete

3B: Gentry

RBI: Gentry 3, Peete 1, McGehee 1, Josh McKnight 1.

WP: Nathan Derryberry (5.2IP, 3H, 2R, 0ER, 9K, 2BB)

Save: Hunter Bradford (1.1IP, 2H, 1R, 1ER, 1K, 1BB)

LP: Wyatt Day

Moore County at Cornersville

Moore County: 000 001 01-2 5 1

Cornersville 000 010 00-1 6 2

Moore County: Logan Burt 2-for-4, Cameron Pykiet 1-for-4, Jimmy Stewart 1-for-4, Dillon Taylor 1-for-3.

2B: Pykiet

HR: Burt

RBI: Burt 2

Cornersville: Aaron Fox 2-for-4, Ben Taylor 1-for-4, JD Crabtree 1-for-3, Caleb Crowell 1-for-3, Cody Caneer 1-for-3.

2B: Fox, Taylor

RBI: Caneer

WP: Tanner Womble (8IP, 6H, 1R, 1ER, 5K, 0BB)

LP: Carson Walker (0IP, 1H, 1R, 1ER, 0K, 1BB), Raymond Cooksey (1IP, 0H, 0R, 0ER, 0K, 1BB), Carson Stacey (7IP, 4H, 1R, 1ER, 8K, 1BB)

Marshall County fourth-year senior Tori Gillum won his singles match 8-2 and doubles 8-6 paired with Davis George. Photo submitted


MCHS versus Spring Hill at Woodland Park (Columbia)

Girls singles

MCHS 5, Spring Hill 1

Natalie Cook def. Sydney Smith, 8-0.

Marti Sullivan def. Grace Philpott, 9-7.

Alexa Hooten def. Desi Skilley, 8-1.

Madysen Luzzo def. Annie Hayes, 6-8.

Anna Claire Moses def. Taylor Staff, 8-3.

Demariae Ingram def. Lexi Home, 8-0.

Girls doubles

MCHS 3, Spring Hill 0

Cook/Hooten def. Smith/Skilley, 8-1.

Sullivan/Haynes def. Philpott/Luzzo, 8-2.

Moses/Ingram def. Staff/Home, 8-0.

Boys Singles

MCHS 6, Spring Hill 0

Davis George def. Cortindo Phillies, 8-2.

Tori Gillum def. Jacob Hutchinson, 8-2.

Sean Kennedy def. Jovante Pride, 8-1.

Dawson Hammons vs forfeit.

Kasey Beard vs forfeit.

Rajan Desaji def. Jovante Pride, 8-0.

Boys Doubles

MCHS 3, Spring Hill 0

George/Gillum def. Phillies/Hutchinson, 8-6.

Kennedy/Hammons vs forfeit.

Hammons/Beard def. Pride/Hutchinson, 6-2.

Saturday, April 9


Cornersville at Zion Invitational

Loretto 010 020 0-3 12 0

Cornersville 000 020 1- 11 0

Cornersville: Hannah Singleton 4-for-4, Kirsten Young 3-for-3, Emma Mitchell 2-for-3, Carson Coble 1-for-4, Taylor Powers 1-for-2.

2B: Singleton 2, Coble.

RBI: Singleton 2, Coble 1.

Cornersville pitching: Kirsten Young (7IP, 12H, 3R, 3ER, 8K, 0BB)

Richland 000 00-0 1 0

Cornersville 213 32-11 8 0

Cornersville: Hannah Singleton 1-for-2, Emma Mitchell 1-for-4, Carson Coble 1-for-2, Samantha Prosser 1-for-1, Madison Hopkins 1-for-1, Mikaela King 1-for-3, Kirsten Young 1-for-2, Madison Spivey 1-for-3.

2B: Hopkins, Mitchell, Coble, Spivey.

HR: Sam Prosser

RBI: Hopkins 2, Mitchell 2, Prosser 2, Spivey 2, Young 1, King, 1, Singleton 1.

WP: Mikaela King (5IP, 1H, 0R, 0ER, 5K, 0BB)