Lewisburg police investigating possible indecent exposure incident

Friday, April 15, 2016

Police are investigating incidents on Lewisburg's walking trail along Big Rock Creek during which women were approached by a man whose strange behavior caused them to fear for their safety.

Police are investigating 31-year-old Joshua Daniel Nail for possible charges of harassment/stalking and public indecency.

Police responded to the bridge over Big Rock Creek on Belfast Road on April 9 on a complaint from a woman runner who reported that she was followed by Nail.

The woman told police that as she ran by Nail he changed direction and began running after her and when she looked back he was following close enough to touch her. The woman told police that she stopped and Nail ran by her, stopped and went into the trees and stared at her. The woman said it was "creepy and startling how close" Nail had come to her, close enough that she noticed he had missing teeth and was "scruffy" in appearance.

Police caught up with Nail who told them he was following the woman because he thought it was someone he knew.

While Nail was being questioned, a male on a bicycle stopped and told the officer of another incident, the day before, in which a woman reported that while walking on the track she had encountered Nail standing on the trail clad only in a T-shirt.

According to police, Nail admitted that he had been naked but claimed it was for "hygiene reasons." Police reported that Nail told them he had a "sexual problem but stated he had no intentions of harming anyone."

Police say they are familiar with Nail as he was previously arrested on two counts of indecent exposure involving women.

Police reported that they are going to try and have Nail banned from city property.