Marshall County Youth Baseball & Softball League

Friday, June 10, 2016
Tribune photos by Anthony S. Puca 6U Boys Front row from left is, Kendrick Tears, Cullen Mills, Dash Mayes, Trypp Robinson and Eli Phelps, Robert Smith. Second row from left, Gibby Miller, Cameron Howes, Cade Perryman, Gavin Bagsby, Colton Cardin and Camden Howes. Coaches Cecil Mills, Alex Phelps, Chase Perryman and David Robinson.



First place Keith Hooten Construction

6U girls All-Stars Front row from left is, Madison Mason, Sydney Calderaro, Eryn Ketchum, Caroline Perryman, Peighton Blackwell and Sarah Grace Schillig. Second row from left is Georgianna Peters, Alec Chandler, Gracie Daniel, Jaylyn Wells, Mattie Cockerill, Keelyn Davis and Sara Clark. Back Row (coaches) Bryan Calderaro, Greg Wells, Chris Mason, Shannon Ketchum and Taylor Reynolds.

Second place Fun Time Bowling


First place Wiser's Body Shop

7U Boys Front from left is, Ayden Cook, Ethan Osborne, Reed Gentry, Jacob Courtemanche and Tyler Railling Second row, Cannon Cheek, Chad Tune, Elijah Blasinghim, Ayden Kirby, Kaiden Harris and Dylan Lasiter. Back row from left, coaches Nick Cheek, Chris Railling, Andy Bowling and Carlie Lasiter.

Second place Sundrop


First place Tennessean Truckstop

8U Boys Front row from left is, Braylon Sampson, Austin Blackwell, Colyn Schillig, Gage Hazel and Jontorious Hightower. Back row from left, Ethan Harris, Branham Haynes, Jack Carlisle, Logan Heller, Carson Henderson and Chase Cook. Coaches Joseph Haynes, Shane Sampson and Tracy Hazel.

Second place Walker Die Casting



8U Girls Front row from left is, Katie Denihan, Madison Lemay, Brynn Kate Baxter, Carlee Cole, Anna Stewart and Adrianna Walker. Back row from left is, Kaylee Shepherd, Ella Chilton, Marley Chilton, Avery Boucher, Morgan Ashworth and Brookelyn Nunley. Back row coaches Ryan Walker, Wes Lemay, Ronnie Ashworth and Clay Nunley.

First place Jabbers

Second place NAPA


9/10U Boys Front row from left is, Kobe Price, Jayce Schillig, JJ Terrell, Jaxon Alford, Alex Stewart and Reese Hooten. Middle row, Jayden Randolph, Reid Mitchell, Caden Mills, Magnum Cannon, Eli Welch and Kason Fuller. Back row, coaches Brad Hooten, RJ Schillig and Kevin Rogers.

First place Coble's Furniture

Second place Shoney's


11/12U Boys Front row from left is, Tristan Crabtree, Coby Mitchell, Austin Kelly, Connor Jones, Uly Johnson and Deason Jones. Back row, Eli Funck, Brock Rowland, Brandon Porter, Brennan Peete, Brendon Jacobs Coaches: Stan Porter, Chris Rowland and Keith Rowland.

First place Cornersville Lions

Second place Lewisburg Printing Company


12U Girls Front from left is, Lahna Freeland, Makynlee Amis, Jozlynn Blanch, Kera Hamler, Kaity Chumbley and Gracie Clark Back row, coaches Shonda Blanch and Jeremy Mangrum, Bailey Braden, Kaitlyn Heath, Emma Hampton, Makenzie Howerton, Coach Kevin Clark, Alyssa Scheetz and Jacey Burgess.

First place Walker Die Casting

Second place American Legion

All-Stars Tournament Schedules

Will McAdams receives his Bit Hardison award MCYBSL from boy's player's agent Tracey Hazel.

District Tournaments

Thursday, June 16

Boys Major at Lewisburg, 8 p.m.

Ryleigh Scott receives her Bit Hardison Award from MCYBSL softball vice president Scott Walls.

Boys Rookie at Lawrenceburg, 8 p.m.

Boys T-Ball at Lawrenceburg, 6 pm.

Friday, June 17

Boys Major-Second place American Legion

Boys Minor at Columbia, 6 p.m.

Boys 7U at Giles County, 6 p.m.

Saturday, June 18

Rookie-First place Coble's Furniture

Girls 6U, 8U and 12U will play at Tullahoma and at Columbia the weekend of June 25

State Tournaments

Friday, July 1

Minor-First place Cornersville Lions

Boys T-Ball and 7U at U Maury County on July 1

8U Rookie at Crossville on July 1

12U Major at Hendersonville on July 1

8U-First place Wiser's Body Shop

Friday, July 8

10U Minor at Lawrenceburg on July 8

12U-Second place Walker Die Casting
Major-First place Walker Die Casting
12U-First place Tennessean Truckstop
8U-Second place Sundrop
Rookie-Second place Shoney's
T-Ball-Second place NAPA
Minor-Second place Lewisburg Printing Company
6U-First place Keith Hooten Construction
T-Ball-First place Jabbers
6U-Second place Fun Time Bowling