Saddle Creek 4th of July Golf Tournament

Wednesday, July 6, 2016
Championship Flight

1st place-(55) Joe Liggett, T J Tipps, Tyler Tillman and Travis Darnell.

2nd place-(58) Mendel Loyd, Chuck Howarth, Denton Peters and Bobby Jones.

3rd place-(59) Peter Johnston, Ken LeClair, Mike Cogle and Larry Roy.

4th place- (60) Presley Ramsey, Brett Ramsey, Phil Stinson and Reed Stinson.

4th place-(60) Luis Gonzalez, Jim Kulick, Jacob Kulick and Rafael Camarillo.

4th place-(61) Tony Thomason, Brandon Roberts, Bryant Brewer and Jay Baker.

5th place-(62) Wesley Brinson, Drew Felix, Shawn Crouthaniel and Keith Gillespie.

5th place-(62) Ken Teoh, Kuen Lee, Ming Tu and Chong Lee.

5th place-(62) Joseph Lewis, Donny Claxton, Trent Denson, Jacob Lewis.

First Flight

1st place-(63) Skip Lewis, Steve Melton, Darren Meeks and Larry Fletcher.

2nd place-(63) Andrew Robertson, Adam Bates, Craig Tracey and Brandon Hollingsworth.

3rd place-(64) Chris Spray, Carol Henderson, Ronny Powell and Cindy Powell.

4th place- (64) William Johnson, Robert Johnson, Victor Booker and Rob Amarillo.

4th place- (64) Holden Killen, Brandon Wilson, Rodney Haislip and Bam Haislip.

4th place- (64) Mark Lamb, Bobby Cotton, Randy Cunningham and Gary Dearing.

4th place- (64) John Myhr, Malinda Myhr, Buddy Tankersley and Glenn Anderson.

4th place- (64) Josh Lewis, Brandon Hollingsworth, Chris Mason and Connor Kennedy.

5th place-(65) Luis Gonzalez, Jacob Kulick, Jim Kulick and Rafael Camarillo.