Early Election Results--August 4 Primary

Friday, August 5, 2016

Thursday's Republican primary proved the adage that every vote counts.

Rick Tillis defeated Mike Waggoner by 40 votes in the Republican primary to replace Billy Spivey as state represtentative for the 92nd District.

The final tally for the race was 2,344 for Tillis to 2,304 for Waggoner.

Tillis' 119 vote victory in Marshall County was enough to hold the lead as Waggoner narrowly won the areas of the other three counties that the district encompasses.

The Marshall County total was 1394-1275 in favor of Tillis. Waggoner won in Lincoln County 542-491, Marion County 463-439, and Franklin County 24-20.

According to the local Election Office, Tennessee law does not provide for an automatic recount for close races, A candidate must request one with reason.

State Senator Jim Tracy easily won the Republican primary, seeking his fourth term representing the 14th Senate District. His almost 82 percent of the vote in Marshall County reflected the totals district-wide.

He received 2073 votes in the county compared to 312 for Steve Lane and 152 for Matt Randolph.

Incumbent United States Representative for the 4th Tennessee District Scott DesJarlais beat challenger Grant Starrett 1269 to 1159 in Marshall County in what turned out to be a close contest.

The two contested School Board races saw Harvey Jones reelected in District 2 over Rocky Bowden 233-111. District 4 incumbent Sheryl McClintock lost her Cornersville area seat to challenger Andy Woodard 246 to 121.