Rockets, Bulldogs compete in invite

Friday, September 9, 2016
Forrest cross country runners left to right: Will Meacham, Sydnee Mitchell, Alyssa Hollingsworth, Leah Dunn. Not pictured but ran: Wayne Clausel. Photos by Jennifer Gaskill

Forrest and Cornersville high schools competed Saturday at Murfreesboro in the Riverdale Invitational.

Both schools fielded varsity teams running the 5 kilometer (3.1miles) wooded trail with a track finish.

Forrest boys who ran varsity were Will Meacham and Wayne Clausel.

Will Meacham on the run for Forrest High.

The girls team comprised of Sydney Mitchell, Alyssa Hollingsworth and Leah Dunn.

The Chapel Hill team is coached by Jennifer Gaskill.

Forrest High's next meet is September 20 at Arrowhead Ranch in Bedford County.

Forrest High runner Wayne Clausel heads for the finish line.

Cornersville varsity girls team runners were Sorrell Martin, Sami Chumley, Emma Mitchell, Elizabeth Taylor, Hunter Campbell, Nathal Hagardon and Madison Crabtree. The varsity boys team runners were

Luke Ledford, Ethan Courtamanche, Elijah Sterkel, Payton Cooper, Dakota Polk and Jesse England.

The Cornersville squad coached by Ben Putman.