Cross Country up and running in Marshall County

Friday, September 9, 2016
Marshall County standout cross country runner Leah Hollingsworth won the girls 5000 meter race. Photos submitted

The Marshall County Cross Country season is getting up to full steam as all three county schools now have their own individual teams where before they were all under the umbrella of Marshall County High School.

Heather Denton (MCHS), Jennifer Gaskill (Forrest) and Ben Putnam (Cornersville) coach the squads in a sport that has grown by leaps and bounds in the county.

One reason for the growth of the sport in the county has to be the success of MCHS runner Leah Hollingsworth, who continues her rise to the top of the sport.

Forrest's Alyssa Hollingsworth runs the 5000 meter race at Henry Horton State Park on Tuesday.

Hollingsworth, a junior on the Tigerettes finished 22nd in a field of 184 in the Class A-AA state tournament last season after placing 42nd the previous season.

Hollingsworth is off to a torrid start this season, placing third at the Fairview meet at Bowie Park on August 18 and eighth at the Voyles Classic on August 27 at Smyrna.

On Tuesday at Henry Horton State Park, Hollingsworth topped the field in the 5000 Meter Run, coming to the finish line with a time of 23:13.90.

Hollingsworth was the only runner to break the four-minute mark at the event with Madilyn Garrison (24:00:17) from Nolensville coming in second and Dickson High School's Allie Potter coming in third with a time of 24:08.21.

The winning time at last year's Class A/AA state tournament was turned in by Taylor Cuneo from Murfreesboro Central Magnet at 18:21.24.

Sorrell Martin from Cornersville got a Top 10 finish and Tigerette runners Naomi Hopper and Angelica Bishop both came to the finish line with a Top 20 placing.

Kolten Johnson 11th place finish was the best time for any Marshall County runner.

In the boy's event on Tuesday at Chapel Hill, the top finisher from Marshall County was Kolten Johnson from MCHS who finished in 11th place with a time of 20:21.41.

No other Marshall County runner finished in the Top 50.

Nolensville's Diego Zuazua was first with a quick time of 17:31.35 and Micah Willoughby from Agathos Classical School in Columbia who finished second at 19:15.04.

Marshall County poses for a team photo Tuesday at Henry Horton State Park.

Luke Meade from Sullivan East won the boy's Class A/AA state tournament event last year with a very fast 15:39.15 time.

Other Marshall County times from Tuesday at Henry Horton.


9 Sorrell Martin Cornersville (25:46.99)

15 Naomi Hopper MCHS (27:08.43)

20 Angelica Bishop MCHS (27:38.45)

34 Sami Chumley Cornersville (29:52.48)

35 Sydney Mitchell Forrest (30:07.00)

41 Emma Mitchell Cornersville (31:10.81)

51 McKinley Richardson MCHS (32:58.29)

53 Hannah Hinds Cornersville (33:11.30)

58 Jessica Bishop MCHS (33:38.34)

66 Lexi Cashion MCHS (34:09.84)

71 Alyssa Hollingsworth Forrest (35:55.57)

80 Madison Crabtree Cornersville (38:38.36)

81 CJ Jones Cornersville (38:52.50)

86 Leah Dunn Forrest (40:31.43)

88 Khloe Scott Forrest (41:29.76)

Team Scores

Nolensville (Total Time: 2:06:55)

Marshall County (Total Time: 2:24:380

Cornersville (Total Time: 2:31:43)

Spring Hill (Total Time: 2:38:59)

Lawrence County (Total Time: 2:44:13)

Moore County (Total Time: 2:46:18)

Hickman County (Total Time: 2:53:21)

Lewis County (Total Time: 2:51:26)

Shelbyville (Total Time: 2:50:42)

Agathos Classical (Total Time: 3:08:01)

Boy's finishers

11 Kolten Johnson MCHS (20:21.41)

52 Aaron Collins MCHS (22:16.66)

70 Seth Fergusan MCHS (23:57.71)

71 Elijah Sterkel Cornersville (23:58.48)

73 Ethan Courtemanche Cornersville (24:18.73)

85 Daylon Closson MCHS (25:29.02)

87 Nathan Fisher Cornersville (25:31.97)

91 Will Meacham Forrest (26:17.76)

93 Mitchell Ford MCHS (26:34.28)

95 Daniel Duggar Cornersville (26:46.00)

96 Ryan Bishop MCHS (26:49.37)

118 Jesse England Cornersville (42:31.27)

Team Scores

Nolensville (Total Time: 1:38:33

Oakland (Total Time1:42:55)

Dickson (Total Time: 1:43:12)

Community (Total Time: 1:44:14)

Agathos Classical (Total Time: 1:44:48

Shelbyville (Total Time: 1:49:06)

Lawrence County (Total Time: 1:49:58)

Tullahoma (Total Time: 1:51:18)

Hickman County (Total Time: 1:54:33)

Spring Hill (Total Time: 2:02:55)

Marshall County (Total Time: 1:58:40)

Cornersville (Total Time: 2:01:43)

Loretto (Total Time: 2:06:53)

Lewis County (Total Time: 2:20:01)