Harpeth Invitational Wrestling Results

Friday, December 16, 2016
Jeffery Gross picked up a second place finish, losing by just two points to DeCarlos Allen from McGavock. Photos by Shanna McCoy

Carson Blackwell (132 Pounds)

Championship Round 1 - Thomas Williams (Kenwood) over Carson Blackwell (Forrest) (Fall 0:49)

Championship Round 2 - Jesse BeeBe (Smyrna) over Carson Blackwell (Forrest) (Fall 1:36)

Consolation Round 1 - Carson Blackwell (Forrest) over Zachrey Steele (Montgomery Central) (Fall 0:36)

Billy Clanton (220)

Championship Round 1 - Billy Clanton (Forrest) over James Archdeacon (Ensworth) (Fall 1:24)

Championship Round 2 - Billy Clanton (Forrest) over Aundres' Trotter (Wilson Central) (Dec 7-5)

Semifinals - Toby Lynch (Greenbrier) over Billy Clanton (Forrest) (Fall 0:52)

Consolation Semis - Billy Clanton (Forrest) over Joshua Dailey (White House) (Fall 3:33)

3rd Place Match - Dylan Carney (Northwest) over Billy Clanton (Forrest) (Fall 4:19)

Brad Corter (145)

Championship Round 1 - Angel Lopez (Smyrna) over Brad Corter (Forrest) (Fall 2:42)

Consolation Round 1 - Robert Yearta (Martin Luther King) over Brad Corter (Forrest) (Fall 0:13)

Cody Donnelly (285)

Championship Round 1 - Jackson Clevenger (Fairview) over Cody Donnelly (Forrest) (Fall 3:07)

Consolation Round 2 - Nathan Thacker (Kenwood) over Cody Donnelly (Forrest) (Fall 3:24)

Cole Geeting (152)

Championship Round 1 - Cole Geeting (Forrest) over Owen Dooley (Martin Luther King) (Fall 4:18)

Championship Round 2 - Blake Spink (Northwest) over Cole Geeting (Forrest) (Fall 1:07)

Consolation Round 2 - Cole Geeting (Forrest) over Tucker Tatum (Greenbrier) (MD 12-1)

Consolation Round 3 - Cole Geeting (Forrest) over Rhiley Burton (White House) (Dec 11-7)

Consolation Round 3 - Cole Geeting (Forrest) over Andrew Freund (Smyrna) (Fall 0:30)

Jeffrey Gross (113)

Championship Round 2 - Jeffrey Gross (Forrest) over Shawn Harris (Montgomery Central) (Fall 0:28)

Semifinals - Jeffrey Gross (Forrest) over Matthew McCartney (Greenbrier) (Fall 0:47)

1st Place Match - DeCarlos Allen (McGavock) over Jeffrey Gross (Forrest) (Dec 5-3)

Forrest's Nick McClendon finished in second place in the 170-pound weight class at the Harpeth Invitational.

Nick McClendon (170)

Championship Round 1 - Nick McClendon (Forrest) over Bradley Paul (Eagleville) (Fall 2:34)

Championship Round 2 - Nick McClendon (Forrest) over Coltyn Sands (Fairview) (Fall 0:07)

Semifinals - Nick McClendon (Forrest) over Leonardo Pom (Greenbrier) (Fall 1:02)

1st Place Match - Trever Hanson (Northwest) over Nick McClendon (Forrest) (Dec 10-5)

Wesley McCoy took home third place for the Rockets at the Harpeth Invitational.

Wesley McCoy (160)

Wesley McCoy (Forrest) over Nathan Dale (Northwest) (Fall 3:58)

Championship Round 1 - Wesley McCoy (Forrest) over Joshua Chester (Harpeth) (Fall 0:46)

Championship Round 2 - Wesley McCoy (Forrest) over Gavin Ledbetter (Greenbrier) (TF 16-0 0:00)

Semifinals - Kelvin Freeman (McGavock) over Wesley McCoy (Forrest) (Dec 3-2)

3rd Place Match - Wesley McCoy (Forrest) over Bryan Tucker (Kenwood) (For.)

Dylan Pendley (120)

Championship Round 2 - Dylan Pendley (Forrest) over Nai Oo (Smyrna) (Fall 1:02)

Semifinals - DeSaun Dail (Northwest) over Dylan Pendley (Forrest) (Dec 6-5)

Consolation Semis - Dylan Pendley (Forrest) over Rolando Lucio (Harpeth) (Dec 10-8)

3rd Place Match - Dylan Pendley (Forrest) over Nathan Ford (Greenbrier) (Fall 3:50)

Parker Stuard (138)

Championship Round 1 - Luke Maxwell (Fairview) over Parker Stuard (Forrest) (Fall 1:42)

Consolation Round 1 - Robert Worrell (White House) over Parker Stuard (Forrest) (Fall 4:42)

Dillon Wade (126)

Championship Round 1 - Blaine Fussell (Eagleville) over Dillon Wade (Forrest) (Fall 1:11)

Consolation Round 2 - Eli Sullivan (Fairview) over Dillon Wade (Forrest) (Fall 0:25)