Public Records

Friday, February 3, 2017

Marriage Licenses 1/23/17 – 1/27/17

Adrian Flores to Bridgette Faye Williams, David Keith Haywood to Dona Aileen Walker


Anthony Henry Short vs Delilah Kaye Beadle Short

Alberta Michelle Hernandez Vanorden vs Robert Lee Vanorden

Kristen Renee Price McCrory vs Brad Kenneth McCrory

Joseph Todd Bone vs Karen Michelle Childers Bone

Jenny Mayo Ellis vs Christopher Ellis

Mary Margaret Kahl Danford vs Michael Gary Danford

Leasa Renay Stinson McMaster vs Timothy John McMaster

Business Licenses

Emogene Spivey/Crafts, 2224 Mooresville Hwy., Lewisburg, TN; Emogene Spivey, owner

Fox Hill Nature School, 3696 Mooresville Hwy., Culleoka, TN; Karen Hilton, owner

Jenkins & Jenkins, Inc., 162 West Swan, Centerville, TN; Kenneth M. Jenkins, owner

Med-Care, Inc., 1470 Silver Creek Rd., Lewisburg, TN

P.L.A. Property Services, 596 Hwy. 88, Lewisburg, TN; Pavel P. Borisyuk, owner

Red 7 Pizza Company, 712 N Ellington Pkwy, Lewisburg, TN; John Woerner, owner

Grannie Antiques & Variety, 1220 Nashville Hwy, Lewisburg, Lola Staggs.

Land Transfers

Candace A. Anderson & Jason Anderson to Amber Bair, Beechwood Estates, Sect. 1, Lot 63, Dist. 3, $122,000; Alison M. Carlisle & William T. Carlisle, Jr. to John Walter Weber, Hamilton Glyn Property, Lot 1, 22.,75 Acres, Lot 2, 29.35 Acres, Dist. 7., $387,500; Outback Barnyard LLC to John Walter Weber, Kirkland Rd., 89 Acres, Dist. 7, $250,000; Debrah Driskell to Scott T. Forst & Tiffany L. Forst, Liberty Valley Rd., 5.01 Acres, Dist. 8, $13,600; John & Alice Spence Family Trust to John Steve Wakham, John Spence S/D, Sec. 7, Lot 1, 2.75 Acres, Dist. 2, $46,000; Edith D. Childress Last Will & Testament to Kathleen Elizabeth Childress Beard & Norman Marshall Childress, Commerce Street, 3.99 Acres, Commerce St., 2.57 Acres, Dist. 3, $0; Edith D. Childress Last Will & Testament to James Marion Childress, Belfast Fire Dept. Addt., Lot 2, 1.55 Acres, Dist. 8, Higgs Rd., .45 Acres, Dist. 3, $0; Edith D. Childress Last Will & Testament to Deborah Sue Maynard, Ellington Pkwy. Dist. 3, $0; William Bell, III & Philecia Bell to Tommy N. Garner & Scarlett M. Garner, Stoney Brook S/D, Sect. 2, Lot 17, Dist. 1, $204,000; Tony Russell Wooten & Tina Sanders Wooten to Troy P. Cross & Lisa M. Cross, Holly Hills S/D, Lot 7, 3.49 Acres, Dist. 3, $48,000; Connelly Group Inc. & Zimmerle Isaac to Tommy Lawwell & Peggy Lawwell, Chapel Woods, Sect. II, Lot 8, Dist 1, $20,000; Connelly Group Inc. & Zimmerle Issac to Tommy Lawwell & Peggy Lawwell, Chapel Woods, Sect. I & II, Lot 8, Dist. 1; $20,000; Connelly Group Inc. & Isaac Zimmerle to Tommy Lawwell & Peggy Lawwell, Chapel Woods, Sect. II, Lot 6, Dist. 1, $20,000; Alternative Youth Services Inc to Keith Clift & Linda Clift, The Murrey S/D, Lot 1, $145,000; Poarch Construction LLC to Cavalla O’Neal & Stephanie O’Neal, Beechwood Estates S/D, Sect. 1, Lot 21, Dist. 3, $128,000; Brenda Lee Faulkner to Brent Wayne Perryman, Boyette Park Addt., Lots 21, 22, Dist. 3, $35,000; William Ralph Jones to Jamie E. Thompson, Belfast Famington Rd., 94.03 Acres, Dist. 8, $206,866; JP Morgan Chase Bank National Assoc. to Jennifer C. June, Liberty Valley Acres, Lot 16, $131,500; Betty Lynn Stocstill & Chris Elizer to Justin Bass, Holly Grove Estates, Sect. 3, Lot 97, Dist. 3, $134,000; Paula Cooper, Mary Richardson, & Ralph Conrad to Matthew David Mulliniks & Allison B. Mulliniks, Fayetteville Hwy., Dist. 5, $140,000; Oliver Gene McNutt and Gail M. McNutt to Kayla D. Watkins & Adam Piatt, Nathan S/D. Sect. 6, Lot 43, $130,100; Bobbi J. Zupan to Sandra D. Birner, 6.32 Acres, Dist. 1, $85,000; Jimmy D. Holder, Jr. Ind & Administator, et al to Peggy Evans, Westview S/D, Sec. 2, Lot 46, Dist. 3, $45,000; Brian L. Armstrong to Rhonda Nichole Armstrong, Zimmerle Issac Survey, Lot 5, Dist. 1, $0; Henry Marshall Lamb, Vickie Lamb, Clyde B. Lamb, Jr. to Brian Newcomb & Carmen Newcomb, Unionville Rd., 5.01 Acres, Dist. 1, $50,000; Bruce Edwin Burch to Joseph B. Hobbs & Candace Mealer Hobbs, Ludington S/D, Lot 2, Dist 3, $28,500.