Governorís school

Monday, February 13, 2017
Miranda Pomatto reaches for academic heights with her application to Governorís School.

By Adriana Pomatto

Marshall County High School Junior

Governorís school is a wonderful opportunity for students to delve deeper into their favorite subjects, such as math or science. Students who apply to Governorís school must fill out a paper form with meticulous detail and have a number of recommendations. Last year, two Marshall County students succeeded and went to study their respective focuses at MTSU and UTK.

In just less than a month, acceptance letters will be sent out and each pupil will find out if he or she made it into such a prestigious program.

Miranda Pomatto, like many of the students, hopes sheíll be packing her bags for UT Martin this coming June to study Humanities. Miranda,like many other juniors, is trying out her second time, which is considered a beaming quality in terms of judging. For this reason, students should send in an application for Governorís school as soon as they turn sophomores. Sophomores have slim chances of succeeding but in coming back a second time, they will be recognized as more determined than the other participants in their grade.

Each study focus has different requirements in terms of applying. As for the Humanities, you must write three essays and send in a lengthy form detailing all your achievements and qualities. When applying for the Visual Arts, no writing is necessary other than a shorter form; therefore, an interview is required. Each student must showcase six to eight pieces of his or her best work. Several judges analyze their work. A main judge will talk to and determine how the applicant acts as a person. Anyone who has applied to the visual arts will say that it is a large bonus if all of the pieces were done on the studentís own time; school projects often count less towards a final score. Most applications do not require an interview, and the student may comfortably fill out a form and write the essays at home.

Once in Governorís school, the student must expect a terrific yet busy experience. Some Schools offer shopping trips and indoor gyms; although many schools only promise a rigorous program. Boys and girls are separated by dorms, thankfully, but all students are still allowed to work together during the day.

Governorís school offers many luxuries and opportunities to their hardworking students, from a greater independence to a variety of learning experiences. To go to Governorís school is a privilege, and hopefully any student who goes will treat it as such.