NASA comes to Westhills

Monday, February 13, 2017
Mr. Jackson taught Suzie Pressonís 6th grade class about space and some important life lessons, too.
Photo by Suzie Presson

By Alyson Butler

Westhills Elementary School, 6th grader

Recently, Mr. Jackson, who is retired from NASA, came to our class to teach us about space. It was a very fun and educational experience. Mr. Jackson taught us about our solar system with many numonics and demonstrations. I think everyone would agree that he effectively taught us some important information for TCAP.

Not only did Mr. Jackson teach us about space, he also told us that we should always do our best instead of trying to be the best. He made the lesson more entertaining to watch by making a few jokes and telling us stories from his time at NASA. Not only did he make learning fun, he make quizzes fun too. At the end of the lesson he gave us a quiz that had fun questions and everyone seemed to have a great time. Our entire 6th grade at Westhills Elementary would love to thank Mr. Jackson for teaching us about space in many fun ways.