In With the Blue

Monday, February 13, 2017

By Caroline McCormick

Marshall County High School Junior

In the past years at Marshall County High School the student section wasn’t very popular at football games.

This year the students came out of their shells and showed our community what tiger pride was all about. Students continuously chanted and cheered on our boys in blue to victory every Friday night whether on the road or at our home field.

“Last year the student section was very lacking and no one really had much enthusiasm,” MCHS Senior Kelsie Lowe said. “I wanted to change it back to how it used to be, and when I started jumping and cheering, everyone else did too and then the student section was totally changed. I feel like when athletes see how excited people are for them, they play better and are more motivated. It helps everyone and it is so much fun to cheer on the tigers”

Whether it be painting up in the frigid weather, running flags through the end zone after a touchdown, or clapping to our ‘Fight Song’ after every first down, the student section at Preston Hopkins Field was always filled with excitement and anticipation.

With the development of a student section, we have helped created pride in diverse personalities and abilities that have contributed to making our high school what it is known for today. Together, the many of us became one.

The simple yet effective concept of unity is often overlooked at Marshall County High School, but can become the difference in just being at school and being at our school.

Through our utmost high school spirit, each student can be a part of a student section that is so unique and contagious. At Marshall County High School everyone shows their spirit. Everyone cheers. Everyone wears their blue and white. Everyone screams “all hail“ after the alma mater. Everyone is pumped up. Everyone wants to be a part of the crowd. Everyone dances to ‘Get Buck’ when the band plays in the pep rally. Everyone is passionate about something. Everyone enjoys the rivalry with Giles County. Everyone lends a helping hand. Everyone supports each other. Everyone represents our school with compassion.

Everyone represents our school with Tiger pride.