Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Monday, March 6, 2017

Adult learners in Tennessee currently have a great opportunity for assistance in returning to school. As part of Governor Haslam’s “Drive to 55” initiative, Tennessee Reconnect gives those wanting to return to some type of post-secondary school opportunities not only for financial aid, but for one on one advising. There are eight Tennessee Reconnect Communities in Tennessee that are charged with helping adult learners understand how to return to school and to help with financial aid opportunities available to them.

Each adult learner is assigned a Reconnect advisor who will work with the adult to break down barriers that might stand in their way. The advisors assist the adult learner assess available career options. Advisors help the adult learner with how to request transcripts, get out of default on student loans, understand the application process, and work with representatives of the school to answer any questions that the adult learner might have. The advisors will offer encouragement and support as the adult learners embark on the life changing opportunity to return to school. Advisors help the adult learner to understand prior learning assessments and how they might be applied as credit toward a certification or degree. Financial aid options will be explored with the adult learner. The advisors will be available for the adult learner to and through their educational experience.

If you think you are interested in returning to school, check out the Tennessee Reconnect website, www.tnreconnect.gov or the South Central Tennessee Reconnect website, www.sctnreconnect.org. Complete the simple inquiry form and submit. A Reconnect advisor will contact you and help get you started on the path to completing your education.

Dwight Fox

Director, South Central Tennessee Reconnect


931) 286-2616