Dispute over baby names leads to scissor fight, arrest

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

An argument between a pair of siblings on Feb. 28 left one charged with domestic violence.

Lewisburg patrolman Lonny Cook responded to the domestic dispute call on Seventh Avenue North, finding a man who claimed that his sister, Rreon Mayes, had threatened him with a pair of scissors.

The argument started over what the pair were going to name the children that both were expecting. Mayes reportedly became angry and threatened her brother with the scissors before scratching his truck with them.


Mayes claimed that the brother had attempted to choke her, but Cook observed no marks on her face or neck. According to the report, she did admit hitting the brother, claiming self defense.

Mayes was determined to be the aggressor and was charged with vandalism and domestic assault. She was held on $2,000 bond.

• Lewisburg police responded to a domestic dispute on Floyd Street on Feb. 27. Ronald Barron was arrested for domestic assault after his girlfriend reported that he had slapped her and thrown her to the ground after a dispute. Her mother also reported observing the act. He was held on $1,000 bond.


• On Feb. 27, officer Clint Newbill stopped a car driving on the square in Lewisburg without headlights on after dark. Approaching the driver, Kristen Keel, Officer Newbill reported the smell of marijuana. According to the report Keel turned over a small amount of marijuana and a glass pipe. Another pipe was found during a search of the car and a handgun was discovered in her purse.

Keel admitted to drinking that evening and reportedly performed poorly on sobriety tests. She refused a breath test when taken to jail.

Keel was charged with DUI, simple possession, possession of paraphernalia, violation of the implied consent law, and possession of a firearm while intoxicated.


Bond was set at $3,500.

• Witnesses helped the Marshall County Sheriff’s deputies stop a suspected drunk driver on Nashville Highway on Feb. 22.

One had been following the driver since they had observed the vehicle blocking the road on Highway 41A. Another driver had gotten the suspect vehicle to pull over by flashing their lights after observing them driving erratically.

Deputies encountered Jessica Graves, who reportedly admitted having been drinking.

Stopping the roadside sobriety test out of concern for Graves’ safety, she was placed under arrest for DUI.

Deputy Clarence Gatlin said, “I attempted to read the implied consent law to Graves at the scene but she would not stop screaming to listen.”

At Marshall County Medical Center, Graves again refused a blood draw and, while waiting for a warrant to perform the test, reportedly slipped out of her cuffs and tried to leave the hospital. Her demeanor was described as “very resistive.”

She was charged with DUI, evading arrest, and violation of the implied consent law and held on $3,000 bond.

• A burned out headlight led LPD to stop Felix Fernandez Romero on Feb. 22. Romero did not have a driver’s license and officers found a crystalline substance, that field tested as methamphetamine, wrapped in toilet paper in his hands when he was asked to exit the vehicle. Charged with simple possession of a Schedule II drug and driving without a license, he was held on $8,000 bond.

• LPD responded to Old Belfast Road on Feb. 25 after a report that a car had crossed the center line and had clipped the mirror of an oncoming vehicle. Officers found Danny Cook parked in the Finish Line bar parking lot, with corresponding damage to his car. Cook reportedly performed poorly on sobriety tests and was charged with second offense DUI as well as failure to have insurance and was held on $2,000 bond.

• The Spring Hill Police Department turned Tracy Bostic over to the Lewisburg Police Department on Feb. 26 for service of a violation of probation warrant out of Lewisburg City Court. Bond was set at $500.

• On Feb. 22, Jessica Ruiz was served with a violation of probation warrant. Bond was set at $500.

• Savanna Zapata was served with a warrant on Feb. 22 for failure to appear in Lewisburg City Court. Bond was set at $500.