High achievers recognized

Friday, March 17, 2017
Marshall County High School students with scores on the ACT of 30 or higher were recognized by the Marshall County School Board Monday night. Pictured from left are Eric Hernandez-Gallardo, Morgan Goodman, and Laura Beth Brown. Other students scoring over 30 were Joseph Boyd, Bradley Cox, Stefan Daniel, Haley Davis, Noah Jorgensen, Luke Makram, Robert Mullinix, James Owens, and Jacob Pomato-Gilley.
Tribune photo by Scott Pearson

The Marshall County School Board recognized some of their best students and teachers at Monday night’s monthly meeting.

The board presented the teachers of the year for this school year at the school and district level.

Students from each of the county’s three high schools who had scored 30 points or higher on the ACT or who had improved their standardized test score by three or more points were also presented with certificates marking their achievement.

Cornersville High School students who scored 30 points or higher on the ACT and students who had improved their ACT scores by three points or more were recognized at Monday evening’s School Board meeting. Pictured from left are David Wells (3+ improvement), Anne Howes (30 or above), Kitt Cook (3+ improvement). Others scoring over 30 were Samantha Hawkins, Bethann Oberlander, and Haley Owens. Justin Victory and Carson Walker improved by three or more points as well.
Tribune Photo by Scott Pearson

Board members approved the addition of volleyball teams for Marshall County High School and Lewisburg Middle School for the next school year.

The addition of the sport has been under discussion for some time and MCHS Principal John Bush said that volleyball received the largest favorable response when students were surveyed concerning programs they would like to see at the school.

Approval was sought now so that groundwork could be laid to prepare for the fall season sport. Equipment, uniforms, coaches, and some minor gym modifications will need to be put in place.

Forrest students who scored over 30 on the ACT and students who had increased their score by three or more points were recognized at the Monday evening School Board meeting. From left: Holly Batte (30+), Peyton Southworth (3 or more increase), and Austin Duvall (30+). Other students scoring over 30 were Ally Amoroso and Chynna Messer. Others with a three point improvement were Taylor Patin and Suzanne Wildrich.
Tribune Photo by Scott Pearson

The motion did generate discussion among the board members before it ultimately passed.

There were concerns if adding volleyball might negatively impact participation in other girls sports and whether adding teams at the middle school level for sports already existing at the high school level might not be a better use of resources.

Renovation of the lights at the baseball field at Cornersville High School has been pushed to next year’s budget. Any work would not begin until May anyway, so the decision was made to include the funding next year.

Marshall County High School students who improved three or more points on their ACT scores were recognized at the School Board meeting on Monday night. Pictured from left are Savannah Gipson, Christian Braden and Cheron Copeland. Other students with an increase were Carlos Alvarez, Noah Curren, Stefan Daniel, Jacob Hazlett, Lesley Hudson, Noah Jorgensen, Luke Makram, Robert Mullinix, James Owens, Jennifer Shonk, and Santosh Vashi.
Tribune Photo by Scott Pearson

In his report to the board, Director Jacob Sorrells touched on damage to the press box at Preston Hopkins field. The high winds last week blew out some of the sheet metal walls of the structure.

While repairs shouldn’t be too costly, the damage did trigger a discussion of the future of Preston Hopkins. The football stadium and baseball field sharing the location restricts both. Sorrells said that neither can be great facilities sharing the location as they do, with the baseball outfield extending into the stadium’s footprint.

Thought has gone into a relocation of the football stadium, with one option, identified as the probable best site for a new facility, being school property in front of Lewisburg Middle School and Marshall Elementary.

The Marshall County Board of Education recognized the Teachers of the Year for 2017 at Monday’s board meeting. Pictured from left front row: Stephanie Tillman K-4 Cornersville Elementary, Jill Worley 7-8 grade Cornersville School, Nicky Curry 7-8 grades Forrest School, Andrea Porch K-3 Chapel Hill Elementary, Rebecca McKay District K-4 Teacher of the Years from Oak Grove Elementary, and Tracy Hall 9-12 Forrest School. Back Row: Christie McKenzie District Teacher of the Year for 9-12 at Cornersville School, Sean Donnelly Marshall County High School, Tanya Leonard grades 5-6 Delk-Henson Intermediate School, Connie Baker grades 2-3 Marshall Elementary, Kim Higgs 4th grade Westhills Elementary, and Kaitlyn Moses 4th grade Delk-Henson Intermediate. Not pictured: Allison Underwood grades 5-6 Cornersville School, Terry Kilgallon grades 7-8 Lewisburg Middle, Jerry Hooper Spot Lowe Technology Center, and District Teacher of the Year for grades 5-8 Stephanie Davis from Westhills Elementary.
Tribune Photo by Scott Pearson